Pink Pumps and Butgers and the Crocodile Eye and other random stuff

crocodileeyeAnd by “pumps” I mean high heels, a style of shoes I have not worn in more years than I care to count. I used to rock high heels but we’ll talk about that some other day. I wear sandals now. Chacos or Keens depending on the occasion and the rest of my outfit. We won’t talk about boots or YakTrax today. It’s in the 70s here on The Planet today and I’m not quiiiite ready to go there.

Somebody at work had a dream that somebody else at work bought them a pair of pink high heels and the recipient felt like he had to wear them to work. This brings up a very interesting image, not unlike envisioning this person jumping over garbage cans or flying to Texas. And by flying to Texas, I mean flapping his arms to get there, not taking a plane. Video games, of course.

And so The King of Cryptic Text Messages, after hiking 20 miles (yes, really) on the North Country Trail or somewhere found himself in a town without a bar. Or so he said. I was skeptical. I mean, we once had some dry counties in the Great Lake State but not so much these days and we have found some wonderful bar/restaurants in places that you wouldn’t normally expect to find a comfortable place to go for a beer or cab with your lunch, like the bowling alley in Roscommon. I Googled his location and I found a bar where he was at that time. Alas, the streetview pics of that bar made me wonder if it was one of those “Up North” bars where you are not welcome if you aren’t, well, a Trumper.

He did manage to get a butger. I think he meant burger. He is the King of Cryptic Text Messages after all.

And I am loving the warm rain here on The Planet Ann Arbor.

One Response to “Pink Pumps and Butgers and the Crocodile Eye and other random stuff”

  1. Margaret Says:

    You have warmer weather than we do! But there is evidently a monster storm coming in this weekend-ack. I used to wear pumps all the time to work, and now it’s Clarks clogs or boots. No more foot punishment. I used to be able to run short distances in those pumps though.