In which Mother Nature trumps all of the other stuff

dramaskyI engaged in a couple of polly-tickle facebook posts over the last few days. I *try* to stay out of polly-ticks for the most part. I *will* stay out of this stuff from this day forward. The issues are waaaaay more complicated than my systems analyst type brain can sort out without some sort of five-dimensional matrix and Excel can’t really do that kind of thing. I could write a program but…

I will say that I like to hear what our young people have to say. They are the folks who will be living with whatever decisions we all are making NOW for a much longer time than us baggy old folks will have to live with them. I kind of know about this first hand albeit in a small way. I remember when the elder generation in my family donated some land to an organization I won’t name (not going there now) and our land ended up in the hands of a developer. I had (sometimes) loud arguments with my parents about that decision before they finalized it. They tried to talk me down squelched me. I never believed that it would turn out well and guess what? A developer bought that land and there are now houses on some of it (it’s a very long story and not going there tonight). I will always believe that my parents generation made a mistake but I think they were trying to protect their [baggy old] children and I loved them *anyway* and I was fortunate to be able to spend many more years with those wonderful folks.

I don’t think that the 19th amendment will be repealed any time soon but I think we always need to be vigilant regarding every citizen’s right to vote and access to exercise that right. Men and women of whatever skin color, young and old.

The ponds at Cubelandia were gorgeous today, don’tcha think?

And here is John Lennon…. Imagine a better world if you will or can. Love you all. KW

One Response to “In which Mother Nature trumps all of the other stuff”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Love the way you fit “trump” into your title. 🙂 We are seeing too many houses around here these days, as the farmland(and the farmers) disappear. It makes me sad.