Verving and Piping downtown on the Planet

fleetwoodWe didn’t eat at the Fleetwood. I haven’t actually eaten at the Fleetwood in many years. The GG goes there frequently. A man has to have his hippie hash, after all. Seriously, the Fleetwood is a wonderful restaurant and Planet Ann Arbor institution and apparently there is one over in Lansing too. Who knew? I suspect that one is a little fancier than the one over here in A2. At any rate, we ate at the Oscar Tango tonight. We ate alone. We heard that Cozz’s (The Cozy for those who know Brimley) was porterized tonight.

I wanted to hoof it home immediately but the GG shamed me into a short bit of walk-about, including West Side Books, where we found some potential acquisitions for our very small collection of “antique” books. And of course we had to walk by The Ark. The Verve Pipe was playing tonight. Or was it the Verve… The GG kinda wanted to go to the show but I didn’t wanta walk home that late in the evening although I suppose we could take a cab or even an Uber. But anyway, I saw that the show was SOLD OUT. Oh well. KW does a happy dance. She doesn’t like to sit and has to steel herself for the sitting required to attend concerts.

I left the Ark a bit confused. Verve Pipe? Verve? Whaaa… Those band names float up to 2016 from the late 1990s when Wee Sing Dinosaurs had long been abandoned and the alternative rock station ruled my bee-yoo-ty-ful 1996 Island Teal POC (aka Chrysler minivan). Those were the years that I drove the beach urchins and all of their friends all over the Planet Ann Arbor all the time. Gone were the days when I navigated southeast Michigan with 60s/70s rock blaring in the background of my life. Yet to come were the days when the beach urchins had fledged and my elders were starting to die and I somehow couldn’t listen to music any more and NPR talk radio became (and still is [usually]) my car radio music of choice.

Those years in the late 1990s? I loved driving teenagers, etc., around town [mostly ;-)]. I loved the music they listened to and I was happy to keep the radio in the POC tuned in to the alternative rock station, even when I was alone in the car when everybody was at school and Holly opened her stoopid [sorry] little lunch box. Dog med syringe? Really? I loved the Verve or was it the Verve Pipe or what? Was it one or two bands? I couldn’t remember. Did I ever really know?

I did the research tonight. And yes, there are two separate bands. The Verve (Bittersweet Symphony) and The Verve Pipe (Freshmen). Two of my favorite songs from that whole era. I loved both of these songs so much. Do I have the band names straight now? Naw, probably not. Pop quiz: Who was at The Ark tonight? Verve or Verve Pipe? You can probably answer this correctly. KW probably can’t 🐸

And the beat goes on.

One Response to “Verving and Piping downtown on the Planet”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I LOVE Bittersweet Symphony. Not sure I know the other song, not by its title at least. I do enjoy alt rock though. Typical Seattleite. 🙂