Early Bird Special

bigdogSo, on the way home from lunch downtown at the Grizzly, we were walking past our fave neighborhood pub/restaurant Knight’s Steakhouse and the GG observed that there were quite a few vee-hickles in the parking lot. It was around three o’clock, which is way too early for the Early Bird Special. Heck, even four o’clock is too early for that because I have been there at that time and it is *not* crowded. My guess was that a bunch of the Saturday lunch bunch were lingering.

That got me to thinking about what people do with their Saturdays. Mind you, I work “bankers” hours, meaning Monday through Friday from whenever I float in (8-ish) until whenever I leave (5-ish). I know that there are plenty of people who work totally different schedules than I do, including weekend days. Been there, done that. And I sometimes do work on weekend days now but I work from home when I do that and it’s usually just me and my Windows laptop.

My typical Saturday, at least here at home on The Planet Ann Arbor is that I launch outta bed at 5:30 AM or thereabouts and take a shower and walk down to the farmers market and then do a whole bunch of routine chores and errands and that’s what I/we did today (the GG works in tandem with me on a lot of this stuff). By about noon we are ready for lunch and so our off-and-on habit for about the last year has been to walk downtown to the Griz for a small lunch with beer/whine.

bearshitI have to wonder what other people do with their Saturdays. Whether you work corporate aka bankers hours, retail hours, or you are a pensioner, whatever. Well, The Pensioner pretty much follows my weekend plan or whatever but that’s partly because he doesn’t mind getting up ultra-early and like I said, we sorta work in tandem in some ways. But I think a lot of folks sleep in on weekend mornings. I don’t have a problem with that but I am curious about what it’s like to not wake up until the sun is high in the sky. So, do you sleep in on Saturdays or are you up and at it? And do you kick back and not do anything constructive (which is okay!) or do you dig in and work on prodjects?

The top pic is of a Big Dog sitting with his owners outside the Griz today. He was a pretty sweet guy who seemed to have been carefully trained to not notice any members of the homo sapiens species who might be walking by and therefore not jump up on them.

And then there was a loverly photooo sent from a beach urchin of, well, can you guess? If not, it is bear scat. My personal beach urchins are currently camping in the north country in a place where you can see the stars if there aren’t any clouds. This pic, if I have it correctly, came from a trip to the biffy. Look at all of those bee-you-ty-ful berries and seeds in that poop. Isn’t it loverly?

As I think I have said before, I am so glad that my children love each other as much as they do and spend hiking/camping time together now that they are Amazon Women. Not sure that I had anything to do with this parenting outcome but I’ll take what I can get.

Love you all. KW

2 Responses to “Early Bird Special”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I get up at 5 during the week and more like 8 on the weekends, although I’m awake way before then. 🙂 I do what I feel like mostly, sometimes that’s projects/cleaning/yard work, other times coffee dates and running around. When I retire, the weekends will seem much like any other day. 🙂

  2. Jay Says:

    If not working, I sleep in – usually between 7 and 8. It really depends on what else is scheduled for the day. Catching up on all of those things not done during the work week. And occasionally extending the work week.