Eerie to dreary and another cute li’l rhyming couplet

eerie1Okay, this pic of the full moon heading down toward the horizon at 0-skunk-30 does not represent eerie. The moon was gorgeous! What *was* eerie was the hint of a flash I saw to the north as I was walking through the schoolyard. Hmmm… I checked the weather and there were no storms anywhere near here although I knew there would be rain later on. I didn’t even bother to look up the nearest recent lightning strike. I forced myself down off that ledge and kept walking. It wasn’t until I had finished almost my entire loop when I saw another hint of a flash to the north. This time I checked the lightning and, yes, there were thunderstorms 40 miles north of here, a little bit south of Flint. Nothing to worry about and I was almost home anyway but it was interesting (and eerie) that I could see lightning from that far away.

I was feeling more melancholy than usual this morning. Bad dreams and some stoopid crapola that is supposedly over but lingers in weird ways that defy description. I have good and bad days and you’re welcome. Fortunately the GG had a pretty perfect solution. Let’s go for a drive “out in the county”. Before the rain arrives.

Our own Washtenaw County is so beautiful, with everything from farmland to glacial moraine. Forests and rivers and hills and big corn fields. We headed in a different direction than usual today and screeched to a stop when we stumbled upon a county nature preserve that we didn’t know existed since we don’t often hang around in the Milan (My’-lən, not mə-lon’) area. There are 2.25 miles of trail in this preserve but we only managed about 1.5 of them because we were not prepared for a rain hike and wanted to get back to the Frog Hopper without getting wet. It was a beautiful spot and we will return and we did stay dry and there was even enough time for a bit of mushroom/frog Instagram competition with folks hiking a lot further north.

dumptrumpAll in all, I didn’t get much of anything constructive done today. On top of this morning’s melancholy, and the dreary (by then) weather, I was feeling gloomy about that. The GG tried to bolster my spirits by suggesting that maybe I *needed* a down kind of day. I suppose he’s right. I don’t have to go full-tilt boogie *every* day and I *did* get most of the basic everyday chores done at least and food ready for the hopper tonight. *He* took a nap this afternoon. Maybe he is onto something.

So one of the good things about today was that I noticed the Lyme T. Lounge has lost its middle initial. I was flabbergasted when that loverly vee-hickle came home a couple weeks ago with a Trump sticker on it. Who what? I mean, this is the Planet Ann Arbor. Not that there aren’t Trumpers in town. There was a guy at the Plum just yesterday wearing a 2016 Hillary in Prison t-shirt. But that was an exception. Much more likely to see pro-Hillary signs and paraphernalia around here. At any rate, I did not want it in my driveway. The only time I have ever posted a polly-tickle thingy, it was a Shifrin yard sign and she’s one of my long-time coffee buddies and she was running for school board and of COURSE I supported her. Hans was still kicking around back then and he thought it was a real estate sign! No, buddy, we are not selling our house.

After thinking about it for a while, I guessed that the Trump sticker was a prank played by, well, we won’t say who but he lives up north where pro-Trump stuff is more plentiful and the Lyme Lounge was sitting in his driveway for a while. I know some of the GG’s polly-tickle opinions but they are complex enough that I don’t have a clue whose oval he’ll fill in when he gets to the polling place. I do know that he isn’t likely to display polly-tickle stickers or wear badges or t-shirts or anything of the sort and my hunch turned out to be right. It was indeed a prank and he removed Mr. T. from the LL before taking it north again last week. “I was gonna be traveling.” Yes. And now that the sticker is gone, here’s evidence that it once existed.

It may be dreary here but it is also unseasonably warm and that made it pleasant to sit in the back yard reading and blathering away on my boring blahg. Oh, and the Prank Perpetrator (hmmm, the GG and the PP? Or how ’bout TP and PP?) is forgiven, mostly because I love him *anyway* but also because I actually thought the whole thing was sorta funny once I figgered it out.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    That Trump sticker would bug the crap out of me! LOL I get depressed sometimes about how things have played out in Patt’s family, but I am happier without that drama in my life. It is weird though since they were my family for nearly 3 decades.