Butters and vst*ck and bup-bup-bupConvert

froggyFinally got a chance to hang out with W1.5 to talk about butters this AM. Tried to do that last week but got wrenched back over to the vst*ck side. I’ve got more vst*ck in my near future but I thought I might be able to squeeeeze a weeeee bit of butters in and then… bup-bup-bupConvert came swinging off the dust pile we relegated it to six weeks ago or so and slammed me in the face with a whole bunch of “hard questions”. Who whuuuu? I tried to commiserate with the Benevolent Despot who was in there on a holiday fixing the heat (or lack thereof). He was unimpressed. And the beat goes on. BTW bup-bup-bupConvert’s real name is equally as unpronounceable as the fake moniker I gave it.

We are having unseasonably warm weather as I think I have mentioned two or 10 or 1,000 times but Cubelandia is ice cold. I am dealing with that by wearing a polartech jacket to work and I am plenty warm enough. It’s kind of funny because after many years of being a business casual outfit – except for casual Fridays and casual weeks and casual summer (great big guys in cargo shorts anyone?), we were given notice recently that jeans are acceptable at our facility EVERY day. Except for client meetings, which are exceedingly rare for anyone on my team. So if it’s cold in the building, bring a ratty old polartech or blanket or whatever. Da boss (or more likely KennyP, who is a Force of Nature) will eventually figger out how to fix it. And heck, you can always go outside to warm up.

So I got home and all of the vee-hickles were here but The Pensioner was missing. That was okay. I like to be spacified when I get home from work. But I was kinda puzzled. Where was he? Walking? Likely. Napping in the Lyme T. Lounge? Possibly but probably not as likely. I texted him. He didn’t respond. At least not for a very long time. Eventually he replied that he was indeed walking. One never knows what TP is going to be doing at any given moment these days. I’m trying to roll with it. Most days I’m pretty successful. I have the hardest time when I have to deal with Another Person in the House when I’m getting ready to launch over to Cubelandia.

Can I just say a word about Dark Walk? This morning I was returning from my 0-skunk-30 walk and it was dark and very warm and there was Becquet and her whole family (mom, Bob, and Java) walking toward me in the dark. Becquet walking along big as life! She will grow up fast. Although it wasn’t exactly the same thing, it reminded me of all the times I did Dark Walk with one of my beach urchins when she was small. She was older than Becquet when we started that and it happened at night instead of early in the AM. We did it on nights when it can sometimes be hard to settle down. Lots of stuff to “process” and not necessarily the calmest place to process it. So I would pick up my child and slowly carry her down to the corner and back home. The transformation was always just about instant. And now that she is a grown up Amazon Woman, she loves to hike out in the forest.

People need to be outside more. It was morning when I ran into Becquet and her fam so they weren’t probably trying to calm her down. I think they were just including her on their early morning dog walk. They were all having a good time. I was thinking about them walking in the early morning dark and my own habits of doing that and I was wondering for a moment why we didn’t do that with the beach urchins. The answer is complicated but it had to do with work schedules and uncertainty about the neighborhood safety. I long ago figured out that our neighborhood was safe enough to walk in the dark, at least in the morning, and I hope that my neighbors have been encouraged at least in part by encountering meeeee walking through the woods in the dark.

G’night and love y’all,

2 Responses to “Butters and vst*ck and bup-bup-bupConvert”

  1. Pooh Says:

    ‘It’s not a lily pad, but isn’t my oak leaf beautiful?” quoth the frog.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I love being outside which is why I live where I do, where it is mostly possible every day. (with the proper gear!)