strrrrrreeessss city

mothieComin’ at me from multiple directions this week. None of it is internet-able for various reasons. Oh, don’t worry. Nothing life-threatening is going on. Some of it is just work “stuff” that I will handle. And by work “stuff”, I do NOT mean office polly-ticks because WE DO NOT DOOOO THAT! It is DIRECTLY related to solving the usual kind of issues involved in adding new functionality to our massive many-tentacled product, which requires navigating a myriad of languages, versions of English spoken by folks of various first languages and also the different languages (aka vocabularies) spoken by folks on various “teams”. When the developers start babbling about table structures and methods for making changes, I kind of zone out even though I know a few programming languages and have Done Database before albeit not at this job. We all want to do it right and, as I am one of the people tasked with specifying how that should be done, it’s sometimes a challenge to sort it all out.

As for one of the other stressors, can I just say I am sick to death of how cruel people can be and we won’t even talk about incompetency. And where along the wayside did we leave good old common sense?


I got home this afternoon and it is *still* warm out so I didn’t have to suit up to take a wee walk through the woods and around the Haisley garden. And I found this wee mothy sucking whatever it could get out of a sorta past-the-prime looking zinnia. Somehow, trying to get his photooo completely calmed me down. I also watched a bee burrow all the way down into a morning glory flower, do its business and climb, then fly out again. I did not get a good pic of that operation. Those facebook memes you *may* sometimes see in between all of the polly-tickle crapola that I scroll past that tell people to go outside? They are right. Go outside. Watch insects. They will calm you down. Oh, not the ones that bite people, those will just raise your stress level. [insert moe-skee-toe emoji here.]

2 Responses to “strrrrrreeessss city”

  1. Sam Says:

    Italian zinnia? Pasta-the-prime? Just wondering….

  2. Margaret Says:

    How warm is warm? And people can be very narcissistic. It is tough to deal with them especially if you can’t just walk away and completely forget about them. (which I’ve done with some of them in my life)