He’s a groper, he’s a grouper, he’s a midnight pooper

orangeOh, don’t pay any attention to the title. We were riffing off on various things down at the Oscar Tango tonight and I can’t even remember exactly what we were thinking when we concocted this or even how “pooper” got attached to it. Please don’t take it seriously.

Anyway, it was a regular morning. Dark, like late October mornings are here in the Great Lake State. I was hanging out eating a wee brekkie scrolling through all of the polly-tickle posts on facebook and the Pensioner was sleeping in a bit, which I wanted him to do because I was gearing up for a final visit to primp (or whatever you want to call it), etc., in the Blue and Only Bathroom before launching for work.

And then, suddenly The Pensioner materialized in the living room panicking about the leaf pickup. Leaf Pickup? Say what? The city hasn’t done a leaf pick-up in years! Okay, it turns out that he had done some leaf work this week and our yard waste compost carts were full and one of them was HEAVY and they needed to go out to the curb. Who knew? He could’ve taken them down to the curb yesterday OR he could’ve been a little more direct about saying something like, “I FILLED UP THE COMPOST CARTS THIS WEEK.” Because I am Garbage Woman around here and I usually deal with the garbage and recycling and compost and whatever. But I have been checking the compost bins every week for I can’t even count how many months now and they ARE ALWAYS EMPTY! So, when I wheeled the garbage and recycle carts down last night, I didn’t even look in the dern compost carts.

The GG was not really dressed for outside chores. We won’t say what he was not wearing. So I ordered him back to bed, did a quick-change into my White Pantsuit and, over his ongoing protests that “One of those carts is REALLY HEAVY”, I hauled both of them down to the curb. I could not figger out which of the bins was REALLY HEAVY. One of them was a wee bit heavier than the other but neither of them were unmanageable in any way, shape, or form. Jeebus. Getting them over that big concrete upheaval in the driveway was the biggest problem and now that we routinely have two cars (plus a trailer or two) parked in the driveway, maybe it’s finally time to re-do the dern driveway.

Fun beginning to the weekend and looking forward to the rest of it, as fast as it will go. Love y’all, KW.

3 Responses to “He’s a groper, he’s a grouper, he’s a midnight pooper”

  1. l4827 Says:

    It was a halliba(t) good time! Stay tuna …

  2. Pooh Says:

    Are you fishing for the halibut? Walleye don’t know.

    P.S. This was an actual conversation between myself and Danny when he was elementary age. I was quoting a line from the previous night’s Garrison Keillor, and Dan came back with that line. He was trying to fish at the time, on a float trip on a Missouri stream, which certainly had neither of the above fish. I was surprised he even knew about walleye, but not that he could return pun for pun.

  3. TMOTU Says:

    Anomaly = Anne Emily

    Get it?