Plow Illinois…. [carriage return] [carriage return] yyyyyyy

cabbageMy cute li’l time hop thingy brought up a wee nasty-gram from a few years ago that I screenshotted because I doooo that. It was just a wee bit of passive-aggressive nasty that someone I once thought was my friend posted on facebook about people who post blahg entries every day whether or not they have something to say. Okay. If you do not want to read my stoopid blahg, just don’t read it, fer kee-reist sake! I am not writing it for you, I am writing it for me. meeeee. meeeee….. Onward.

No I do not always have something to say. I am scraping the bottom of the barrel today. Good stuff? Farmers market. Grizzly Peak for lunch. Moosejaw, where the absolutely fabulous cashier told me that she could have a BLACK version of the Patagonia polar-tech zip-up jacket that I wanted sent to my HOUSE! Who knew? Olive green is a wonderful color but I needed a new black jacket. The one I have is so old that the zipper is falling apart and the label is so faded that I couldn’t tell what size I wear, so I had to try one on in the store. Large, so I can wear it over a whole bunch of other stuff. After that, we managed to sneak into a sorta bar seat at the Griz. It wasn’t easy today. UMich played Illinois today and that meant that tons of people were in town for the game. Yeah, let’s go over to The Planet Ann Arbor. It’ll be so much fun. And it was fun, both for the Illini and us Planet A-squared denizens. And then “we” beat the crap outta plowed Illinois but whatever.

The best fun was some flinging activity that happened around here at The Landfill. Nothing actually left the house today but destinations have been defined and plans have been made.

Love y’all, KW aka Nasty Girl

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  1. Margaret Says:

    You’re nasty too? I’ve never been a daily blogger, but have become a bit more frequent in the past few months. (even though I have little to say) I also do it FOR ME and enjoy looking back over what I’ve written in past months/years.