Making the sausage

lasagneI basked here at The Landfill ALONE on this gorgeous late October Sunday. The Pensioner was off watching the Lions lose and I did two grokkery trips, a big box thing and my usual walk to the Plum. I put together a loverly veggie lasagne (spinach and summer squash and carrot, oh, and mushrooms in the sauce) and picked away at some bits of decluttering.

And so, my Amazon Women started texting me and one of them said she was “shuffling sh*t” around and I was laughing to myself because it isn’t the kind of phrase I am accustomed to hearing from that particular AW. So I was gonna reply to it but I didn’t notice that my grokkery list app was still open on my phone (eggs and English muffins, thank you very much) so I found myself typing “shuffling sh*t” into my grocery list. And then things got even funnier when AW posted a screenshot where EB had tried to make a grocery list via voice recognition: “small intestine bags” or “small cancel” anyone?

Anyway, I am hardly ever in my house alone any more and although I wouldn’t want to be alone ALL the time, I basked in it this morning.

Eventually, the AW came over here to The Planet and we walked downtown to the Jolly Pumpkin and npJane met us there and drove us home in her cute li’l Blue Car and we all ate lasagne and played new and old records on the turntable. It was a birthday celebration albeit a small one and the GG asked if I had actually bought gifts for our birthday woman. Well… I did buy her a scarf from the Chicago Museum of Art catalog. Aside from that? Records at the store down on Liberty that she was gonna buy anyway but I slipped my plastic card in there and said “happy birthday”. And a bit of cash. In general, you can’t buy stuff for adult children who have pretty much everything they need. And that’s a good thing.

One Response to “Making the sausage”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I would LOVE that lasagna!! I am alone too much in this house, and am thankful that I have kitty cat. 🙂 Better than nothing.