Chocolate chip cookies with a tongue lashing (but no oven mitt) and an annoying writer’s block

furnitureSo, Louie-Louiiiii came in this morning and announced that a friend of his had died early Friday morning. The short version is that a woman suffering from a chronic suite of diseases had a medical emergency and her husband/EMTs were unable to revive her. I will spare you the long version, which I heard/overheard in excruciating detail at least five times today. I am sorry for the woman, her husband, and L-L, who is tasked with doing her eulogy. But. Oh. My. Gawd. One thing I will say is that I think L-L was mixing up his acronyms. I’m sure that it is possible to die of OCD (I mean somebody could get totally fed up with your behavior(s) and KILL you!) but I think a different acronym applies to the condition that led to this person’s unfortunate death. I refrained from correcting him. (I HATE to correct people when they are making innocent mistakes.) I heard another person try to correct him but the next time he talked about it, he reverted to the original acronym.

I wish I could blame this distracting little story for my massive writer’s block today but I can’t. It was just a garden variety block. I eventually forced myself to step back and focus on a bit of analysis and create some pictures. I never did get that particular bit of writing done today but I bet after a night’s sleep, it’ll flow tomorrow.

In the meantime, we lost a lot of weight here at The Landfill today. I’m not sure that the light at the end of the flinging tunnel is visible yet but maybe a small ray has broken through?

Today, The GG took his parents’ living room furniture to one of our nieces. I mean all of the various tables and things. We still have the Green Couch. This stuff is quality furniture and when his beautiful, stylish mom (Grandma Sally) picked it out (it was a set), I’m sure it worked well in the big old house where they raised their family over in Royal Oak. Alas, it is not only not MY style, it doesn’t really work well in the Landfill, which, despite its small size and ticky-tacky 1950s/60s ranch-type format, is a beautiful house that lends itself well to mid-century modern. I like mid-century modern and so does Certified Kitchen Lady, which is probably why I like HER! This furniture is NOT mid-century modern.

Anyway, all those years ago, I felt overwhelmed when all of that furniture landed in my new house. When we moved in to this place, we didn’t have enough furniture to fill it up and I was hoping to take it slow and curate what came in the door. Alas, that strategy flew out the window big time when we “rescued” all of this stuff.

Without going into too much detail, The Pensioner somehow (recently) came to the same kind of conclusion or at least a parallel one. He posted the furniture on our Cfam facebook group and one of Grandma Sally’s grandchildren has graciously decided to adopt it so the GG trailered it up to her house today. Bonus for him? Lunch with the three nieces from that branch of the family and an appearance by our eldest nephew.

Oh yeah, now we have no end table type thingies so the table lamps (that I also want to get rid of but we’ll get there) are sitting on the floor, etc., so yes, we will have to buy some new furniture. My plan is to go slow about that and only buy what we *want* and will *fit* into our space, both in terms of physical dimensions and decor. I have reason to believe that the GG is with me on this but still, let the hunger furniture games begin.

Love y’all,

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I think I know what she must have died of. COPD? It sounds like much progress is being made. 🙂