Fall morning at Cubelandia

cubesunriseI dunno. Mornings like this when I arrive at Cubelandia, I sometimes wonder what it would be like to paddle around a pond all day and not have to use my brain… When it is colder than blue blazes and the wind is blowing a gale and the geese are huddled wherever ice hasn’t formed, I am usually glad to schlep my laptop into our nice warm building and try to engage my brain. I suppose that the geese are not any less intelligent than homo sapiens, they just have a different set of life conditions to deal with. At least they don’t have to worry about their vee-hickles rolling backwards into the pond.

I have always kvetched (or not) about the fact that I can’t take public transportation (aka a bus) to my work but yesterday, as I turned north onto State St., an AATA bus was heading south towards me flashing “Avis Farms” as its destination. That’s where Cubelandia is located. I knew that they had done a major change and expansion of the bus routes but this still surprised me. Will I start taking a bus to work? Highly doubtful. I have not looked up the route but I suspect it would require me to take one bus downtown and transfer to another one. My little 8-mile commute in the Ninja is pretty relaxing unless it is snowing or something. Spending an hour and a half or whatever on a bus might be relaxing in its own way but I suspect that it would more likely wreak havoc into the smooth little routines I have built over this epoch of my life. Walk, small breakfast, morning chores, commute. Reverse (sorta) in the late afternoon.

Today was Halloween at work. Some people did it up big, like GoGrannyGo in her Wicked Witch of the East getup. It was fun but it kind of petered out early. It’s been a long food-filled week over at Cubelandia with leftovers from last weekend’s software release and catered food for many groups all week. I normally take my own lunch, which is usually leftovers from home. I pack a *small* container with whatever is hanging around and *always* put some salad on top. It is just enough food for meeeee and little enough that if Louie-Louiiiii or someone happens to bring in a cake or something, I have enough room to indulge. Today? Jeebus. Catered sub sandwiches and pasta salad with ruffled potato chips and chocolate chip cookies, then donuts and cider later in the afternoon. Food Coma anyone? I canNOT normally eat that much and it felt sooooo good to walk downtown this afternoon.

I thought I had lots of stuff to say earlier but I am taaaarred and I’m hearing a bit of snortling coming from the couch so I am not the only one. G’night. KW

2 Responses to “Fall morning at Cubelandia”

  1. Sam Says:

    Periodic couch snorter in this household, also—he’s awake and following the news right at the moment, however….

  2. Margaret Says:

    That food sounds yummy. We aren’t allowed to do Halloween at school, although my principal said I could wear my Star Trek shirt Monday. 😉