Street walkin’ cheetah

So we were walking downtown on a Halloween-y M&M football-type Saturday and I started walking in the street and the GG said something about a “Street-walkin’ cheetah”. I. Had. No. Clue. WTF. He. Was. Talking. About. I peeeeeered at him and asked if he meant to say that I was a “cougar”. You know the kind and actually, I do not IN ANY WAY resemble any kind of cougar, either puma concolor or over-50-type dyed/spanxed/botoxed American woman. But no, he was talking about an Iggy Pop song. But then, when we got down to the Griz for lunch today, one of our fave wait-persons was dressed up as a CHEETAH! How cool is that. To the left of him is our lovely bartender buddy Jenel.


And then there was Destiny, who dressed up like the GG but not on purpose because we didn’t really know Destiny before today. She just glommed onto his red plaid shirt when we walked into the restaurant today. I posted the photo below on Instagram and it caused some confusion that defies description but she is a pretty wonderful young woman.


And then we walked home… As we were walking up Dexter someone yelled out the GG’s name. It was an old friend of ours from my childhood career and the GG’s lifetime career. This friend owns a house on Dexter and he happened to be at that house as we were walking up the street (we were wondering about that house just last week). After some reminiscing, etc., we continued up Dexter and I split off over to the Plum, where I spent a lot of time walking s-l-o-w-l-y into the store behind the woman in the next pic. It was okay. I LOVED her sweater.


By the time I got home from the Plum, both Van de Griff and the GG were crashed out in front of the Landfill.


It was a beautiful day here on The Planet Ann Arbor and, to beat the band, Umich beat State. I have a complicated relationship with umich but I will always root for the football team, even though in life I could not care less about sports.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    That’s interesting that you root for UM football when you don’t care about sports. I do, and the Washington/Utah game was stressful for me. But UW won in the end, so I’m good. Whew. Love the costumes!!