Roosevelt dies

bedroomI was a wee bit slow dragging outta the rack this morning but not all that much, maybe a half hour? But then just as I was ready to walk out the door (in the rain), I heard thunder. Um, no I don’t think I will go out. I futzed around cleaning up the kitchen stuff I didn’t quiiite get around to last night and threw some laundry in and cleaned the bathroom (but I do that every day).

We never did get any kind of a storm, just rain. I think whatever there was skirted south of town. So eventually I went out and got, oh something like 6000 steps.

I spent most of the rest of the day hanging out in the zen of the Landfill Chitchen. The main goal for today was enchiladas for dinner (chicken, black beans, salsa verde, cheese, black olives, scallions, and SQUASH cala- cala- cala-what? I can’t remember what Farmer John called it but it is GOOD!). There was also a wee quick brek and a lot of side stuff, like I used dried black beans from the bulk aisle at the Plum and so had to soak/cook them and there were other ingredients that I prepped for possible dinners this week.

I HATE schlepping home from Cubelandia in the afternoon and having to chop stuff up, etc., let’s just throw some leftovers in the oven on low. I LOVE cooking on the weekend and all of the dish processing that goes along with it. I mean I *have* a dishwasher (a reeeeeally good one) and I *use* it, but when I am in a major cooking mode, I also hand-wash stuff like crazy. I even polish the copper on my Revere Ware. You know that thing where every pot in the house gets dirty? Doesn’t happen here (or *rarely* anyway). Clean as you go. It’s a thing. Google it if you don’t already know CAYG.

There was also a Rain Ride out in the county and a mad dash to Kroger to get Halloween candy and some people are Downtown watching a hocky hockey game that I opted out of.

And then there is the bee-yoo-tiful purple bedroom in the photoooo. I do not have a Before Photo. All I know is that the door was shut on Saturday morning and when I went in to get Rooooomba, I did a huge double-take. Oh, not about the color purple. That’s been there for over a decade. There was so much crapola in that room earlier in the week you would not believe it. The Pensioner earned his keep this week (Friday, I think) by, well, I guess the simplest way to say it is that he removed some furniture and reorganized a whole bunch of crapola. This room goes in and out of messterness as we process our stuff plus The Commander’s stuff, etc. I hope that whole “spiral’ is tightening at this point. It’s about time.

Love y’all and Go Red Wings.

One Response to “Roosevelt dies”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Those enchiladas sound delicious!! Yum. I like the cleaned up room too. I need to have my girls do some work on their former rooms, so that I can clear them and recarpet/paint. Such a job!!