Tree fairy

tree1Back when we bought The Landfill (more years ago than I care to count), tree solicitors would constantly stop by and ask us if we wanted them to “do something about that tree”. We do not like to cut down trees and are minimalists in general so, no…

May-whatever 2000. We were woken up by a thunderstorm. The wind kicked up just a wee bit. The GG *loves* that kind of weather and he was settling back into sleep when the wind kicked up WHAM! KABAMM! That was NOT thunder. We jumped up and met up with our then teenaged beach urchins in the “hall” aka the small space between all of the bedrooms and the bathroom. Okay. We were all okay.

We ventured out of the “hall” to find out that the top third of that tree had fallen along the north side of our house, puncturing several big holes. That discovery precipitated a panic about the well-being of Izzy the rat and Dinah/Piggy/Eagle Bait/Toilet Brush. Our guinea pig. Yes, they were okay. Our neighbor Luke-of-Perrynet watched the top of that tree fall on our house that night. At 3:00 AM or whatever.

Today, after all these years, we had a team of arborists come out to trim and evaluate our tree. It turns out that we don’t have to cut the tree down but they did do some trimming. I am gonna guess that the young woman in the pic wasn’t even born when we moved into this house. She and her brother are the movers and shakers of this business and he has placed in tree-climbing type competitions here in the Great Lake State. A modern day lumberjack and I have a video of him climbing our tree.

Another Halloween come and gone. Not that many trick-or-treaters even though I put our house on the neighborhood map for handing out treats. Alas, y’all know what happens after Halloween. Thanksgiving and xmas come along in the wink of an eye.

Love y’all. KW

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Great outfit! I don’t have many trees around me and they’re not in my yard, although I get plenty of leaves and even branches in windstorms. I dread Christmas every year for a variety of reasons. December is a tough month for me.