Auras of butters yellow

zinniabeeThe pic is posted in honor of our fabulous 78 degree temperature today, not unheard of at this time of year but certainly a rarity. I also post it in honor of a facebook/childhood friend’s mother today. She died this morning at the amazing age of 102, mental acuity intact until the end. What a life!

Like most people, I have a healthy fear of stinging insects although I am not at all allergic to them. I was able to get up close and personal with this one. She (he? don’t know bee species well) was well, as busy as a bee. Was I noticed? I do not know. Interaction with that flower trumped interaction with me. Nevertheless, I got the best pic I could but didn’t linger.

I am working on a new prodject we’re calling “butters” and today I emailed umpteen links to documentation about it to iDeep over in India who will get it whenever morning happens over there after celebrating Diwali. Knowing iDeep as well as I can from I/M and email, I think he will be ecstatic.

Over here in Cubelandia, I was engaged in a hallway convo about why we are calling this prodject “butters”. It is because the proper name for the technology we are going to add to our product is so tongue-twisting that I will not be able to talk about it without getting totally lost. Since its industry-wide nickname is butters, I think it is okay that we call it that too, at least informally. I hate when we get lost in vocabulary so I am putting that out there front and center.

Of course I couldn’t just stop at that. I had to haul synaesthesia into the pitcher. I said that, to me, this project would always be Yellow! And it is… I am not by any means any kind of a full-fledged synesthete. I actually think it would be cool to be one but I am not. But I have always had a tendency to assign colors to things. Like, as a very small child, A, B, C, and D were red, green, yellow, and blue. I think I originally had some colors assigned to E through H but I can’t remember them. Colors at the end of the alphabet were [vaguely] metallic colors. E to me now is kind of gray. Sigh…

Of course, as soon as I brought synaesthesia into the conversation, people started talking about auras. They always do that but auras don’t have anything to do with synaesthesia. Seeing an aura is seeing some sort of veil of color surrounding someone else. At least that’s what I think it might be like. I have never seen one except maybe late at night at some barroom somewhere where a person was sitting in front of a bright light. GoGrannyGo and I had a good cackle about our salad days after that convo ended.

So when I came home this afternoon, there was a lawnmower hanging out in the front yard and it was NOT Becquet’s lawnmower, which is sometimes in her yard and sometimes down the street in her friend’s yard depending upon who is using who’s lawnmower that day. They trade sometimes. I found the GG on the couch in the back room but he was awake and it turned out that he had “forgotten” to put his lawnmower away. Good thing Becquet was not around today to try to use the GG’s lawnmower.

I am done for tonight but I’m always curious about other folks who might assign colors or whatever to letters or music or whatever. I don’t think synaesthesia is limited to colors.

2 Responses to “Auras of butters yellow”

  1. Tonya Says:

    As a kid, the days of the week had colors for me. Thursdays were purple. The other days of the week were kind of mundane, except Saturday (yellow) and Sunday (blue). I remember asking my mom if she saw the days of the week as colors, and she said for her Thursdays were “thurple.” Ha! I totally got it.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I agree with Tonya. I definitely assign my moods colors, but other things, not so much. 78 degrees?? Wow, we’re sitting at high 50s into low 60s and I’m shaking my head about that.