Go Wings. Or Cubs. Or…

gowingsI can’t remember if the Red Wings won on Sunday or not. The GG went with Lizard Breath and one of our nephews. The game began at 5:00 PM and after it ended, the GG and Lizard Breath went out for a snack, etc. Thinking that the Red Wings had the same kind of schedule as the Lions, I had made enchiladas for dinner that day because usually when the GG goes to watch the Lions lose (or not), he is home in time for dinner.

As it turned out, I ate some of my enchiladas by myself and after a while I went to bed. Lizard texted that they were at the Woodbridge Tavern having an interesting interaction with a talkative homeless type person. Been there, done that. And then she texted me that the GG had used her facilities and was on his way home. I was in the rack by the time I looked at that text and I had already heard the GG come in. I left the door unlocked that night. I don’t always leave it unlocked unless the beach urchins (Amazon Women) are home for some reason and out at night. Back in the day we always left the door unlocked and people squeaked or grokked when they came in. I miss those days soooooo much.

I am kind of done for tonight but I think I am rooting for the Cubs for the World Series even though I do not follow sports for the most part. Let’s go Cubs. If I don’t watch (and I won’t) maybe you will win.

2 Responses to “Go Wings. Or Cubs. Or…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    GO CUBS! I only watched last night when I was at Happy Hour with Alison. Oh, my, those beards! They look like they are playing in the 1800s. 🙂

  2. l4827 Says:

    Go Cubbies here in the 6-3 eighth inning