Lovin’ being on The Planet Ann Arbor but missin’ the goddamn north country

I am here and it is pretty dern warm here and I was doin’ my dern job today and that meant whatever it meant. Giving people a chance to talk about a whole bunch of stuff that had already been talked about maybe a billion times before. And me and my boss discussed getting food stains on our shirts or whatever. Jeebus, the leftover bag of potato chips in the Food Cube next to my cube is dangereuse.

Man oh man I wish I could be up north with the GG and all of the North Country Trail folks. But I am here alooooone on The Planet Ann Arbor. I am okay with that for now and I love you all. And how is the weather?

3 Responses to “Lovin’ being on The Planet Ann Arbor but missin’ the goddamn north country”

  1. tMOTU Says:

    Five hours hard labor cleaning the yard at Houghton Lake on Thursday. Five hours hard labor chopping-building new trail at Beaver River (central East U. P.) on Friday. Saturday will involve a five hour light hike near Brevort Lake.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Your sentence about talking about things that had been discussed a billion times reminded me of the many times someone has brought up ATTENDANCE or TARDIES at staff meetings. An hour later…no resolution in sight. Grrr. Savor your alone time; I have learned to do so, although reluctantly. xoxo

  3. Tonya Says:

    I dealt with John being down at Harstine all week long while I was “home” in South Seattle having to work, for a good 8 or 9 months after he retired. He’d come home on Fridays and we’d drive back down to Harstine for the weekend, then he’d drive me home on Sunday nights then he’d head back down to Harstine Monday mornings for yet another week away. It was so depressing. Now and then alone-time is fine, but I felt like my entire life was about work and nothing more. I hated it. I finally *lost* it in December 2014 (couldn’t stop crying and I’m not a cryer!) and we decided I’d retire in February. Best decision I ever made.