The perks of being a peon

bartondamMy day at Cubelandia began with some rolling. It happens from time to time and it is never pleasant but this morning was particularly awful for everyone, not just the rollees, because it involved a few of our most beloved folks. Decisions like these are usually made “elsewhere” and it falls to the local folks to make the excruciatingly difficult decisions that result in people walking out of their long-time workplace for the last time. Leaving all of their computer equipment behind and whatever else was in their cube. The cake was the saddest part of all of this.

I was not targeted this time. For various reasons, I am probably not a target for now but I could have been six months ago and you never know what will happen next. I did my best to console those who are going on into the future today and then consoling those who had to do the job. I am a mom… My cube eventually became a gathering place for folks (of all levels, including the big guy) to just hang out for part of the afternoon. I am a mom… At the end of all that, we were all told we could have an Early Release today. Man oh man, we all needed that. None of us could focus. FZ and I stayed a wee bit longer to deal with a defect. I wanted to leave. FZ wanted to run. All of the managers were gone. I’m not sure where FZ ran or how many tears he shed (but I think it was more than a few) He told me thank you for telling him to go for his run. I am a mom…

I love my job. I am still pinching myself that I actually have this kind of of opportunity and the money that comes with it after all these years. What I love more than anything though is the folks I work with. This was a very hard day and so when I got home, I drove my Ninja down to Barton Dam and hiked alone there. So much fun and so many friendly folks and dogs and whatever down there. I needed that today. I am a mom… It was a hard hard hard day.

3 Responses to “The perks of being a peon”

  1. Sam Says:

    Heart goes out to you. No fun work-day.

  2. Margaret Says:

    The worst kind of day is when people get hurt or devastated. Everything else related to work(like tech difficulties, glitches, etc.) can be dealt with and fixed.

  3. Paulette Attie Says:

    You are a loving, caring, and empathic soul. I am glad that you were able to offer them solace. I am sorry for the horrible day.