Purple tomboy skirt and moe-skee-toes

scenery1Just have to say that I was not here today. I was thinking how much fun it might have been to hang out in the Lyme Lounge at the Straits state park this morning. There was lucky-shucky and gas and whatever. Alas, no shower. Well, maybe if I had known that it would be 50 frickin’ degrees this morning, I could’ve used the bag shower. Alas. It was my job that kept me from being up there this weekend. If you are one of my five reglear nucular taggers, you may have an idea about what went down at my job yesterday. Fortunately, that is a rare occurrence but it does happen. I am sad about it but I am okay. If it happens to me at some point, I will be not be happy but I will get on with life.

So, what did I do today? I walked then I drove down to the farmers market and I did all kinds of chores and laundry. I flipped through a whole bunch of catalogs and mostly flung them but I ordered a few things on the internet. Mostly clothing. RedPlaidNation biz-caz-able jacket type thing that will fit into my “uniform”. A second black Patagonia polarfleece jacket (so I can throw one in the washing musheen and wear the other). A Patagonia polarfleece *vest*. TWO (count ’em) Toad & Co. Tomboy skirts. I had to search around for these a bit. I kind of randomly bought one of these skirts (black) from Title Nine last summer, not knowing if I would like it or not. OMG I love this skirt. I think of it as a “hiking” skirt but it is also cool for biz-caz. And we don’t even have to conform to biz-caz any more at Cubelandia. Jeans days forever. Almost any skirt is okay (unless it shows you-know-what but my skirts are never anywhere near that short). Anyway, I looked up my Toad & Co. tomboy skirt and bought a second black one and also a loverly purple one.

scenery2I do own a couple pairs of leggings and I will wear those in the winter because cold, but I have pretty much totally switched over to skirts of various lengths nowadays. I dunno. I just kind of rock skirts. Not sure why exactly. Just feels good to me to wear them. If you like to wear pants (or pantsuits), that’s fine. Wear them. But rock them!

It was kinda hot here today. I spent a lot of time reading a book (on my phone) in the back yard today. It was hotter than Hades for a while and then the earth continued to turn which meant that the sun moved over to the western side of the hose. I kept having to move my chair further back into the yard until I eventually needed to bag it and move inside. Then the GG reminded me that I could sit on the south side of the house… Duh… So I took a walk and then spent the last hour of the afternoon sitting out there watching the sun go down (and some neighbors). It was wonderful… Except for the moe-skee-toes.

Oh yeah, the book. Kavalier and Clay [corrected title]. A palate cleanser after the last book I read, True North. We’ll talk about that book some other time but can I just say for the umpteen billionth time, please please please do NOT EVER try to stereotype Yooperlanders. Not even if you grew up there and think you know it all. Just don’t do it.

Love y’all and don’t fergit to reset yer clocks. I hope I can cope with resetting my alarm clock. So far it seems to have a mind of its own.

2 Responses to “Purple tomboy skirt and moe-skee-toes”

  1. Mouse Says:

    Isn’t it Kavalier & Clay? I was going to ask if it were my copy, until I remembered it’s on your phone. 😉

  2. Margaret Says:

    I need to do my clocks and HATE IT. A friend has recommended K and C but I’ve never read it. I have so many books as it is!