Clickbait nation


This is kind of a random thought but one of the places I found comfort today was with White Men. Yes, really, and getchyer mind outta the gutter because that is not where I’m going AT ALL!

I was in and out of sleep last night (punctuated by not a small amount of caterwauling) while the GG dared watch the election returns. At the bitter end, all I could see was black. Odd color, since it is also one of my faves, being that it forms the foundation of my Uniform and I like to walk in the dark. This black signified something different and I pondered whether I would/could/should post a pitch black square somewhere on the internet. Here, facebook, Instagram, Twitter, wherever. I did not but one of the first things I saw in the morning was a post from a facebook childhood friend, one of my late brother’s best musician friends. He posted a pitch black square. If I weren’t, well, meeeee, I would have totally LOST IT.

I know that others probably slept late today and those of us on the “losing” side may have had trouble facing the day. I got up swinging. I am in over my head at work right now (don’t worry, I can handle it), so it was up and out to walk at 0-skunk-30, chores and then off to work, hi-ho! I work with a lot of people of all descriptions and that includes some white guys of a certain age. We don’t EVER talk about polly-ticks where I work so, while I can kind of guess at these folks’ views, I don’t always know. This morning as I bumpity-clunked into my cube, I heard the Benevolent Despot ask FZ how he was doing. FZ said that he was fine considering… I yelled over the wall, “Clickbait nation”. We all laughed (because we are geeks and don’t get taken in by bullshit headlines on the internet (and you shouldn’t either)). The Benevolent Despot repeated an election joke that a facebook friend of his had posted that was funny while not revealing which “side” this person was on. We laughed. We didn’t say *anything* else about the election. The Benevolent Despot was in a Wandering Phase and FZ and I kept on with our work, yelling over the wall to discuss a high-level defect that we had both worked on. I was comforted to know that I wasn’t alone and that it was a couple of baggy old white males who were with me.

I can’t leave the GG out of this white male theme. He endured my caterwauling throughout the night and still, when he found himself down at the farmers market this afternoon, he cared enough to text me to ask if I wanted anything from down there. Yes, white and red onions, fingerling potatoes, and cherry tomatoes if anyone has them. Life goes on and KW needs to go on with it…

That’s all I have. I may talk more about election-related topics or I may not. I am a very politically complicated person. I see everything in RGB (billions of colors) rather than black and white. It is difficult for me to sort all of that soup out and articulate it. Whatever happens next, if you are someone I love already (like my family(ies) and long-time friends), I love you no matter who you voted for. But I do not like Trump. I hope he can find a way to convert me…

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I was devastated, but not entirely surprised, don’t ask me why. My daughters are both very upset, Ashley more than Alison. Alison and her boyfriend had talked about going back to teach in Asia if Trump were elected; I hope they don’t since it’s so far away. Most of us didn’t really believe that a Trump presidency would happen. Henry and I had a great date tonight and talked a lot about the election, which helped me process it all a bit more. He is in shock himself.