On into the Trump Era of rolling power outages and general mayhem

Oh Jeebus, keep reading…


First of all, I am not a Trump supporter and I think we all have to be vigilant about the actions he takes as president. But I am totally kidding about rolling power outages and even the general mayhem. Our historically stable neighborhood has experienced a number of random power outages over the last six months or so, like tonight. The power company doesn’t seem to be able to explain them but I do NOT think that Donald Trump (or Barack Obama) has anything to do with them. I do think that a generator is in our near future. Just enough power to run the furnace is about all we need. Although I will say that we are approaching mid-November and we have only turned the furnace on a handful of times. What the hell is this place, Florida or what?

So, we spent a while talking to Luke of Perrynet out in the street and then we continued on over to Knight’s for dinner. A few minutes before we continued on, the lights came on in the neighborhood. Of course, Knight’s was slammed because of people without power, at least that’s what we thought but Knight’s can be randomly slammed any old night of the week. We bellied up to the bar and got ‘hattans from Yul Brynner (I think his real name is Mike) and after a lot fewer minutes than the 40 they told us we’d have to wait for a table, we were ushered upstairs to OUR FAVE TABLE, the Boobish Table, where if you are a guy (or anyone who wants to look at boobish types of things), you can look down over the railing and… If you are reeeaallly unlucky, you might see something interesting and Froooogggy might take a pic of you looking over the railing with your eyes bugging out and post it on the internet.


It wasn’t quite cleavage-type weather tonight but the GG looked over the railing ANYWAY and he found our friends of porterization sitting down there waiting for a table. JP does not normally wear a hat. At least not that I know of. He is wearing one in the pic because the GG sailed his hat down off the balcony. We were finishing up at that point but we sat downstairs with our friends for a bit before schlepping home to our (thankfully) powered-up house.

2 Responses to “On into the Trump Era of rolling power outages and general mayhem”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I will be vigilant, for all the good it will do me. Still warm there? Here too–mid 60s today IN NOVEMBER. It must be the Apocalypse.

  2. l4827 Says:

    Keep looking up though mayhem could rain down on you at any time.