Tillie in Maui? Uh-oh spaghettio

mauiSomething like that. Which Tom Wolfe Robbins book does that come from? Seems like it was a beautiful red-headed young woman and I think it was her grandmother who was Tillie? And maybe Tillie was some sort of exiled queen of some eastern European nation or something. Help me here, Tom Robbins fans. I read several of his books in my youth. Even Cowgirls get the Blues? The gal with eight-inch thumbs, roight? (Sure couldn’t play the flute with those, I thought while reading the book and practicing the flute umpteen billion hours a day.) I’m not dissing Tom Robbins. I loved his books. He and people like William Makepeace Thackeray helped me get out of a science fiction rut that I really wanted to move on from (at least temporarily) but after I read about 3-4 of Robbins’ books I was kind of over it. But you never know. I may re-read some of those books. It’ll be on my phone this time ’round.

So I wanted to write about clickbait today. I am sooooo sick to death of clickbait. You know, where someone shares some kind of inflammatory headline about what Donald Trump or Hillary or whoever has said or done. On the Hillary supporter side (because you KNOW that’s who I supported, and if you didn’t, I love you anyway and hahahahahaha), there was a thing about how Obama said last week that it was absolutely legal for illegal immigrants to vote in the election. It is not, of course and President Obama knows that but the question (from a beautiful young Latina woman) was not clear and he fumbled the answer.

And then there’s the whole George Soros is paying people to protest thing… C’mon, is George Soros really paying protestors? Maybe he is. I doubt that he is paying every single protestor. I bet he is paying fewer than 1% of the protestors. I think most of the protestors are protesting because they do not want this president to take office. I am happy about people protesting president-elect Trump but I don’t think that the protestors will reverse the election results. If this president does *not* take office it will be because he has spuriously decided that running a country will not let him run his businesses and hang around in his beautiful homes and apartments. But I think he will take office.

My fave protest sign ever (it was on facebook so take it for whatever) was “Not usually a sign guy. But jeez.” My sentiments exactly.

P.S. I want to add this after thinking all night about the illegal immigrant voting thing. When I heard this rumor, I did some googling. I found a snippet of phone video of a TV interview in which Obama did indeed say something that sounded like it was okay for illegal immigrants to vote in our country. It was also pretty hard to hear him because whoever made the phone video was also breathing (loudly) like Darth Vader. I did some more googling and found the original source of the video. It is agony for me to watch talking head type videos but I watched all four minutes of it, which provided the full context of the conversation leading up to it. The actual question involved whether, when a *legal* US citizen voted, her voting information (address, etc.) could be used to sniff out possible *illegal* relatives and deport them. He answered her correctly (essentially, no) but would have done well to provide the actual rules. But I think when people are presented with ridiculous “stories” like this, they have an obligation to try to suss out accurate information (or at least *read* the damn article) before clicking share on facebook or wherever. Off to finish my chores and go bring home the bacon. Hi ho.

3 Responses to “Tillie in Maui? Uh-oh spaghettio”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Ashley protested in LA and didn’t get paid a cent for it. In fact she ran away so she wouldn’t get arrested. I hate clickbait too, and inflammatory and inaccurate(or worse) websites. So many of them, and too many who believe them if they match their view of the world. 🙁

  2. Sam Says:

    Bacon? Bacon? I perk up for bacon!

  3. l4827 Says:

    Ya know, it seems that 1% of the 1% probably is the actual number … or not 🙂