Outta steam

kayakOh, don’t get your hopes up too high. This Vanity Blahg of mine is not going anywhere any time soon. I just need a break from the topic of the season. I’m not very good at sorting out my thoughts about polly-ticks from the get-go and writing them down coherently after a long day of analysis and writing, etc., at my job is almost impossible on the best of days and today was fine except that I was deep into wrangling three different prodjects. I do have strong gut feelings about our seasonal topic and I am hoping that President-elect Trump can convince me those are wrong but I am not optimistic. But there I go off into the wild blue yonder like I said I wouldn’t do.

Another thing I was NOT doing today was kayaking. I did not take that pic. I was not on the river. Other things the GG did besides kayaking included preparing to fling some things that I have long wanted to get rid of. I can’t divulge what they are, just stuff that I don’t really want to have around. Not that there won’t still be a few species of that item around. I’ll be okay with that.

Stop here if you haven’t seen Arrival. Spoilers here. But read the novella before going to the movie if you can.

I listened to a story about Arrival on NPR on the way to Houghton Lake last Friday afternoon. I was so taken by the story about the movie that I downloaded the novella that the movie is based on and interrupted my current book (which I love) to read it. The novella is a bit quieter than the movie seems to be (but I haven’t seen the movie). Spoilers? There is no Chinese general trying to blast the heptapods out of the sky in the novella. The military is involved in the whole thing but the heptapods leave suddenly for no particular reason. And also, the protagonist’s daughter did not die via illness. She fell to her death while rock-climbing in a national park. (Story of Your Life by Ted Chiang.)

By the way, why can’t I just slow down time so that we are still *at* Houghton Lake basking in the beautiful late November sunshiny days we were blessed with over the weekend. The sun is shining here and it’s warm but I am missing the north-country so much.

Last but not least, it is so quiet in my “row” at work nowadays. We are missing a few of our co-workers so much. The bantering and the white boards with all the strike marks in different colors. And the cakes and the oven mitt and trying to buy powdered sugar from Tim Hortons and and and… We all miss you so much friend.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Interesting how they changed it. It was really, really tough to watch in spots, but worth it.