One last lonely milkweed bug

milkweedbugClose to 60 again today and climbing a bit over the next couple days and then I think I have heard that the S word is in the weekend forecast but probably not any significant accumulation(?). If so, that’s a good thing, especially given that one of the beach urchins is moving house this weekend. (I mean the lack of accumulation, not the S word.) Two years ago? It snowed most of the second half of November if I remember accurately. The ponds at work were coated with ice. I had more fun than I should probably admit to throwing gravel onto the ice to listen to the sound it made. A little coda to the preceding Polar Vortex winter of 2014.

I said I was done with polly-ticks (although it’s my blahg and I can write whatever I want to whether or not it makes any sense). I am not finished with Clickbait. I encountered an article from the Huffpo this morning with the headline “Bernie Sanders Could Replace President Trump With Little-Known Loophole”. Did I immediately click share and lurch along happily down my facebook feed? Noooooo. Actually, I didn’t vote for Bernie in our primary, back in some other lifetime, or so it seems. I took some heat for going with Hillary (rather than Bernie) but at least I voted.

Did I (who abhors the fact that Trump won the election) think, “OMG, Bernie is gonna save us!!!” (and click the share button without reading the article)? Noooooo.

I thought something like, “There is NO WAY that Bernie Sanders or anyone else could possibly “win” an election that was over a week ago, except maaaaaayyybeeee for the person who WON IT?” Not that I wouldn’t prefer Bernie to Donald Trump but c’mon. There may be some electoral college tricks that could happen but they wouldn’t involve Bernie Sanders, they would involve Hillary Clinton. AND THEY AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN!” Sorry about using the word “ain’t”, moom, wherever you are. I am in my house, not in the schoolyard where you can’t hear me use bad grammar.

I clicked ANYWAY. I wanted to know what the HECK kind of cockamamie crap the article was going to present to me. Plus it was on the Huffington Post. I have mixed feelings about the Huffpo but I believe that it is not in the business of publishing fake news. But could the Huffpo have gone over to the dark side? Well, click for yourself and tell me what you think. Or not, if you prefer to lurk. I think the Huffpo NAILED IT!

Again, reading, writing, and critical thinking.


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  1. Margaret Says:

    I am so very tired of politics too. I have stayed far away from it lately, but I will have to engage again before I get bit in the A** about something that has changed and will affect my retirement or insurance. 🙁