Go Blue, Drink Red

abcwhineI am not a football fan. I am not a football fan. I am not a football fan. Downhill skiing in the winter Olympics? I’m a fan (even though I usually fall asleep watching the Olympics). The point is that I am a fan of a very limited array of sports. I am not a football fan. I was a football fan today.

Alas, red trumped blue today as Ohio State beat our home team, the Champions of the West, Umich.edu. (Trumped. Get it? 🐽) Us Nasty Blue Gals have had a rather rough month here in these parts, don’tcha think? [wink]

It was a fun afternoon *anyway*. We walked downtown in search of our usual mac and cheese at the Griz. Alas, the Griz was SLAMMED. There are THREE bars at the Griz (one is in the basement, a resurrected version of the Old German). ALL THREE were overflowing with people. We didn’t see Jenel anywhere. I bet she’ll be mad at us when we finally make an appearance which’ll probably be next Saturday. It will almost certainly be quieter then.

We ended up a block or so up the street at ABC Brewing. Miraculously, there were two adjacent seats at the bar there and we grabbed them. I was thinking I’d be missing my wee casserole of mac and cheese but I made short work of processing the ABC menu. Dried cherry/almond salad in a wrap, protein-ized with duck confit (I wasn’t even sure what duck confit was but it was good protein-ization). And a glass of cab, thank you very much. My nod to the “red” roots I come from? That is, before “red” moved waaaaaay to the right of my parents’ ideology (if you can call it that). I turned blue long before they did but they eventually followed joined me there. At least The Commander did. I’m not sure what the heck my old coot thought in his later years. He was pretty plainly p*ssed off with the whole dern dog and pony show. Blue dress? Stick it.

Of course the football game was on TV and that dominated the bar and the conversation but a lot of fun stuff happened and yer fav-o-rite blahgger even figured out what was going on some of the time. I marched in the marching band in every single Soo High football game from fall 1966 through fall 1971 and about all I can remember about the actual game on a good day is people chanting “1st and 10, let’s do it again!”. (Please don’t go there. This blahg is G-rated.) I do remember marching in just about the worst weather you can imagine, think mud and snow and whatever, and I think I’m blocking a vague memory of somebody walking out of a shoe in the mud. The only reason I know that person wasn’t me is because I was pretty OCD about shoes when I was young and wanted them to be tied tightly!

Blue whine is actually a thing nowadays but I think I’ll stick to red.

Good night and love y’all whatever color you are,

One Response to “Go Blue, Drink Red”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m blue and a nasty woman too. 🙁 And I hate losing!