Driving toward the light

catfishAfter four days of mostly gloom and doom (I mean weather-wise), the sun shone brightly upon us today, if at a low-slung angle. I took my usual walk this morning and when the GG became sentient I suggested that he eat a quick brek and then we could go for a ride. Yes, he did want to do that. I knew he would.

I didn’t really care where we went but I kind of expected we would travel more or less west, out through the glacial hills of western Washtenaw County, twisty-turny, up-and-down little roads and lots and lots of forest. So I was a little surprised when he headed south instead. We drove through bright sun-backed fog until we got a little north of the small city of Saline. We continued to head south and man oh man, we were driving into the sun and it was just about blinding. It was loverly and I wish I had tried to get a picture of it but I know that random iPhoneography from a car windshield could not have captured the “bathed in light” feeling we experienced. You’ll just have to imagine it.

So if the terrain to the north and west of The Planet Ann Arbor is hilly and forested, the terrain to the south is flat with big fields and long straight roads. Mostly that is. There are little pockets of hills and forests here and there. If we had kept driving south, we would soon have hit the Ohio border. We’ll do that [again] one of these days but today, when we hit M50, we hung a louie and, oh dear, we went to Cabela’s.

I did not really want to go to Cabela’s today. Shopping was not on my agenda. The GG wanted to visit the fish, or so he said. That may have been true and we did catch this lovely catfish customer. (And, what the heck, we’re at Cabela’s and I’ve had coffee and they have facilities so it isn’t all bad.) Of course, looking at the fish was only an excuse to get yer fav-o-rite blahgger in to Cabela’s so we could visit the Implements-of-too-much-fun Library. We’ll talk about the Good Ol’ Boy in the Iotmf Library talking to a customer on the phone about their NPI some other day. All in all, I think the Good Ol’ Boy was innocently asking about credit card numbers without connecting them to a person but as an online banking industry employee, my ears pricked up big time. Anyway, the Iotmf Library buys Iotmfs as well as sells them and someone picked up a business card about that. So, I was kind of glad to make that stop although I was itching to get back outside.

I suggested to the GG that I didn’t want to just jump onto the US23 freeway from Cabela’s back to The Planet Ann Arbor. Fortunately he agreed and, from there, we did a slow cruise through the beautiful village of Dundee and then zigged and zagged north and west until we got back to Saline and from Saline it is a straight shot back up to our home on The Planet Ann Arbor. I was kind of ready to get home by then but then again not. For various reasons, I have been working this weekend. It’s *not* overtime, I’m making up for not working Friday plus some hours of possible down-time this coming week.

After hours of working (me) and sleeping (the GG), we ended the afternoon with a sunset walk down at Barton Dam. And we’ll talk about Azalia and the yellow car some other day.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Sounds like a lovely day. I have never been to Cabelas in my life; is it interesting? I imagine that I wouldn’t fit in very well. 😉