Lefty-sitting (or not)

leftyI make it a point not to discuss medical crapola on my blahg but our latest little adventure ended in a rather hilarious way at least for meeee, so here’s the high-level overview.

Our little errand over in Livonia yesterday took us to a Umich outpatient surgical center. It’s one of the places our fave bone docs make minor repairs to people’s hands. So Lefty there in the pic decided to schedule a wee surgery on his right pinky NOW so that when spring rolls around, he can use his chainsaw. All went well and we were back home at around two and I was even able to get some work done although my work laptop doesn’t really talk to the Umich hoosegow wi-fi wherever so I was kind of crippled, pardon the pun.

Anyway, I had planned to telecommute today so I could be around home to, you know, “supervise”. Like, no, you can’t drive the Ninja because your right hand is encased in a splint and god only knows how many other wrappings so you cannot operate the Ninja’s gear shift. (Been there, done that btw, via Titanium Pinky’s 2015 adventures.) I suppose we could’ve recruited a relative or two to lefty-sit but I was hoping to get through this adventure without losing track of my onion goggles or whatever.

After I got back from my 0-skunk-30 walk this morning, I had a bit of brek and did a few chores and then I made a grokkery run. Lefty was out cold when I, uh, left, and I expected he would still be sleeping when I got back and I would put away the grokkeries and settle in to work. But. When I drove back into the driveway, maybe a half hour later, Hello! Lefty was coming out the door dressed like he was setting off on a hike. Say what? Well. He was going to walk over to the Village Kitchen to get breakfast. And so… I went to work! What the heck. Good thing I did go to work because I really needed to be there in person today. You don’t wanna know…

Oh, Lefty also went to see Arrival at some movie theatre somewhere today. He and I have both read the short story/novella the movie is based on. I have not seen the movie. Have you seen the movie and/or read the novella? If you have done both, what do you think about the changes incorporated into the movie? I think I will watch the movie some day but I am not anxious to do that. From what I’ve read, the story seems much “quieter” than the movie. I liked the story and I’m not sure I would be happy with the movie.

Anyway, all is well here and how about that alien hand (not the surgery hand).

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  1. Margaret Says:

    What did L. think of the film? I haven’t read the story, but may need to do so for perspective. I enjoyed the movie very much, but part of it was due to my fascination with linguistics and with ethical dilemmas.