Yellow Azalia

azaliaI can’t believe it is already Wednesday during what has turned out to be a rather grueling week. Oh, not because of Lefty. He is doing well enough that he walked downtown today. Although we do *not* want him to overdo (do we, girls? 😐).

Actually, it’s a good kind of grueling, the kind where I get to analyze things and do archaeological digs and pull billions of little bits and scraps of information together into a beautiful synthesis of rules, adorned with explanatory tables and flowcharts and screenshots and things. I came home yesterday having about a 5% understanding of the stuff I needed to sort out. A series of small epiphanies happened overnight and by half an hour after I got to work, I *owned* it.

Anyway, let’s take a couple of trips back into ancient history. The first trip goes all the way back to last Sunday when we were driving around southeastern southeast Trollandia. We didn’t exactly *happen* upon Azalia (not the same spelling as the flower). We were in Dundee, strategizing about how to get back home without taking the freeway (which was right next to us) and I saw Azalia on the map. Azalia? I was intrigued enough to want to check it out but the roads we ended up on sort of zigged and zagged around Azalia but didn’t go *through* it.

We eventually back-tracked a wee bit to make a special trip to Azalia and were rewarded by this astounding old-skool YELLOW Ford Fiesta that looks like it might still run. I liked the store/post office too but it isn’t open any more. I wonder which model year this venerable old vee-hickle is. If I remember accurately Fiestas were sold in the US between about 1978 and 1981.

And so my second trip back into ancient history. My first *new* vee-hickle was a 1979 metallic gold Ford Fiesta. It was a decent car but the pride I felt upon buying it was waaaaay out of proportion to what it was. It was a *car* but it was youth speaking. I OWN MY OWN CAR! A NEW CAR! Not long after that, I met the GG and since his old purple Gremlin was in a failure mode, he bought a 1980 BLUE Ford Fiesta. We owned those cars for a good many years and after a while, they became part of the trio of vee-hickles that Lizard Breath may remember as “Mommy’s Little Gold Car, Daddy’s Little Blue Car, and The Orange Car”. The Orange Car? Neighbors catty-corner from us.

2 Responses to “Yellow Azalia”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My parents had a Vega (silver) which we, not very originally, called The Silver Bullet.

  2. isa Says:

    I somehow got behind on the blog! :-O All caught up now. I sure do remember those cars.