Duck hoarding

duckhoarderYeah, okay, a man is taking ducks outta the West Park pond? Are they sure it’s not the 20 pound carp taking those ducks? Yeah, I know, they moved the 20 pound carp over to Gallup Park (much more water there than at West Park). And then the 20 pound carp ran for mayor and he occasionally still tweets but we don’t ever hear from the Dexter Bear Bare or the Ann Arbor Cougar or the Ypsi Mystery Pooper any more. Actually, the Mystery Pooper never tweeted that I know of.

And, as shifty as this man looks (quoting Mouse on Insty), he is not taking ducks outta the West Park pond. Wanna know how I know? Because his significant other would *kill* him if he did and he’s obviously still alive. So there.

So we were on our way downtown for lunch at the Griz (finally, after about a month). When we first got there, the place was just about empty so we had some time to catch up with our fave bartender Janel a bit. Make no mistake, she has a regular clientele of baggy old folks. After that we took a half-hearted cruise along Main Street to look for xmas stuff. We did not find one bloomin’ thing. The litmus test we have adopted in recent years is something like, “Are we buying this for *us* or are we buying it for the Kiwanis Thrift Shop?”

We walked back over to the west side, where we parted ways a bit west of Knight’s. The GG went home and I hit the Plum Market, where I had a rather weird experience. I was in line behind a young (20-something) man with about $20 worth of groceries, mainly rice that I could see. He was trying to pay for his rice with a bridge card from another state. The Plum Market, despite many efforts by the excellent cashier and her equally excellent manager to make it work, did not accept the card. (I have a bridge card too but unlike his bridge card, mine is only good for getting me across the Mackinac Bridge. It does not buy food.)

As he was leaving and leaving his rice behind, I somehow scrabbled my mighty mouse uniform out of my backpack and said something like, “No, wait! I’ve got it.” And I swiped my card almost before I knew what I was doing. I told the guy something like just pay it forward some day. I know that’s an old saying at this point but, jeebus. Maybe he’s a con artist and his scam is to get people in line behind him at the grocery store to buy him some food. But. Rice?

I didn’t feel wonderful about myself after doing that, like I had done such a cool thing blah-de blah-de. I felt kind of weird actually. The gals at the Plum, who I see all the time, were all thank you thank you and that was fine but it made me feel a little embarrassed. I guess I think that we should all help others out when we have the chance to do so and I guess I did that today.

2 Responses to “Duck hoarding”

  1. TMOtU Says:

    … and you say that, “Being a crabby bitch is part of my charm.”. …

    … tha, tha, that was so sweet. (sniff)

  2. Margaret Says:

    I don’t think he was trying to scam anyone with rice, so you’re GOOD. Now if it had been beer…