Spooking sandhill cranes after a mini death march with totally flat light and weather warnings


That title could just about describe the whole day. In reality, the day had lots of ups and downs. I mean mainly in terms of huge up and down hills on the hike we took out in Glacial Geological Land aka western Washtenaw County. It was fine, it was just that we were doing Bob-miles (sorta, we actually didn’t walk all *that* far).

We were in beautiful country today and the Pinckney-Waterloo trail is ancient. It is well maintained in some ways but I always appreciate the switchbacks our chapter of the North Country Trail builds into the bigger hills of that trail. Going uphill is not difficult for me but a steep, straight downhill makes me more nervous than it once did. If there are a lot of leaves over the trail, I need to make sure my downhill foot finds solid ground and not a rolling kind of rock or something.

Anyway, it was a beautiful hike but I didn’t take any pics because the light was sooooo flat today! Mr. Golden Sun did his best on a few occasions but it wasn’t enough. But. Oh, oops, our hike was out by Chelsea so of course we ended up at Clancy’s Pub for a snack, etc., afterward. And then a wee bit of shopping in Chelsea. Again, the Kiwanis Thrift Shop Rule was applied and we didn’t buy anything.

And then, because I kept mumbling “don’t take the freeway”, the GG drove south of Chelsea and we took my fave Jerusalem Road as far as we could before we had to join back up with the reality of oil well houses and the western reaches of megalopolis. That’s where we found the sandhill cranes. Some of the ones that are apparently not hanging out at the Haehnle Sanctuary this year. They were walking around in the field when we drove up. The Frog Hopper didn’t spook them but I certainly did upon getting out of it to take a pic. [I’ll insert it if I can ever upload it. So far, WordPress is not letting me but you’re not really missing much. Aaaah, there it is :-)]

Yes they are threatening us with snow. I dunno. Old Man Winter spat a miserly few pieces of white precipitation at me when I took the compost out a couple hours ago. We’ll see what transpires. It sure feels like snow is on the way. The question is when and how much… My last experience with snow involves driving my Ninja through a mini-blizzard in Gaylord IN MAY!!!!!! It was Gaylord so I wasn’t really surprised but Jeebus! Not ready…

Update: It is officially snowing now.

2 Responses to “Spooking sandhill cranes after a mini death march with totally flat light and weather warnings”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Those cranes are impressive. We are SUPPOSED to get snow tomorrow, but I’ll believe it when I see it. Around here, they have trouble predicting it accurately. Marine climates are very changeable. 🙂 And there is always talk of the “convergence zone.” 🙂

  2. Sam Says:

    We’re waiting for the S to begin…it was predicted to begin 2 hrs ago. We’re happy if it is later and lighter than predicted (less than 1in).