Are you ready?

yaxApparently I am not only ready for winter but also for a new pair of Keen sandals. Alas, I cannot find my fave red (is it Barberry?) and blue colors any more. Those two colors perfectly complement my biz-caz outfits. Oh never mind that we can now wear jeans to work any day, as long as they are presentable. That change in rules doesn’t affect me at all because I haven’t owned a pair of jeans in YEARS! Leggings? Yes, for when it’s too cold for tights. Snowpants? Yes, for when leggings aren’t quite enough and I am going to be hiking/whatever in a non-urban environment where a long wool skirt might be an impediment. Otherwise? Real women wear skirts!

Can I digress for a minute? Because actually, real women wear whatever they damn well want to. They wear whatever makes them feel comfortable and beautiful and POWERFUL and and and… I was thinking about some of the uber-cool women I know who do *not* usually wear skirts and tried to imagine them wearing a skirt. I couldn’t. It isn’t their style. That’s okay. I am not comfortable wearing pants except when I need them to deal with bitter cold temperatures. Pants are not my style.

So I did my usual walk this morning and the neighborhood was dry as a bone. No snow anywhere. We do not have a lot of snow around now but Old Man Winter threw some good snowballs at us today. People at work kept reporting that the roads were slippery but by the time I had to drive home, the roads were wet but not slippery, even at intersections. I was being very careful anyway because I was driving the Ninja, which has performance taaaars (sorry, if you are one of my nine readers and have endured my rant about those taaaars umpteen million times before).

Alas, a whole bunch of folks got caught in a SURPRISE! snowstorm whiteout situation on a freeway not too far north of here this morning. It was a chain reaction type crash. Three people died. 30 or 40 vee-hickles crashed. I am so glad that I can commute to and from work via surface roads if I want to and I usually do that anyway. Freeway avoidance seemed like a great thing to do today and I am horrified about the people who died in that huge crash.

3 Responses to “Are you ready?”

  1. jane Says:

    I’m not a skirt kinda person, although did hike in a skirt in Moab last summer. jeans – you bet! see – it’s this kind of diversity that makes life interesting. 😉

  2. Sam Says:

    Long story about that crash in (the dead-tree version of) USA Today…looked like a real mess on that slog-way….

  3. Margaret Says:

    It looks like a lot of the country is being hit with cold and snow/ice. Yuck! (even US!!) I don’t own a skirt anymore although I don’t mind them. I just have no footwear to go with them and hate wearing nylons.