eyesSomebody pointed out that our weather forecast for the next week includes a Polar Vortex. You know, the kind of weather we get when Canada gets drunk and staggers south and passes out down here in the United Snakes. Or something. I love that person *anyway*, even though she is gallivanting around out in the PAC NW, where it hasn’t been all that warm either, I have to note. But at least she is gallivanting around in a brand new vee-hickle. (It’s okay little Ninja, I am not envious enough to trade you in yet.)

I had to wear my Yax this morning for walking and then it really didn’t snow all day. Mr. Golden Sun even spent a number of hours shining down on us. Warm? Not. Then. In the late afternoon, moments after I had wandered into the lunch room to note that NO SNOW was coming outta the sky, GoGrannyGo said, “Oh sh*t, it’s snowing.” Yes, it was, copiously. Crap. We both stood around the lunchroom gabbling about the snow for a bit and then we kind of snuck out a little early. It was almost quitting time anyway. Our boss was out sick. The Benevolent Despot was on the phone kibbitzing about the visiting dignitaries that are coming in next week and I don’t think he cared doodly-squat what anybody else was doing. NOBODY ELSE WAS AROUND! Well, FZ was but he was also leaving early.

As soon as I got out to the Ninja and put my laptop and stuff into it, the snow stopped. I looked to the west and while I couldn’t see Mr. Golden Sun over there, I could see evidence of his existence. And then, just as I was getting into the driver’s seat, I heard an unearthly noise coming out of the sky. Cubelandia’s resident pair of sandhill cranes! They came in for a landing and did their dance. “Did you get a video?” asked the GG. Of course I didn’t get a video. There was no way I could’ve gotten a video of that. I felt lucky to *see* it. In fact, I took it as a good omen, even though I don’t believe in omens and stuff like that.

We’ll see what the coming weekend (and next week) bring. I said to GoGrannyGo, “See you on Monday, either here or online.” If what is predicted comes to pass, I doubt that our visiting dignitaries will ever want to return to our little backwater office again. Well, maybe with the exception of those who come over from Milwaukee.

I need some new winter boots. I need some that are lightweight. That I can walk miles in. I need some that are low profile enough that my Yax will fit on them. I want velcro. I want velcro. I want velcro. What is with all of these lace-up boots? I mean, I learned how to tie shoes when I was five. I am a pro. But boot-laces don’t always stay tied and there is nothing that gets me more pissed off than having to constantly re-tie my boots when I am hiking, especially if it is 10 degrees and I have to take my glubs off to do it. With all the fancy space-tech lightweight outerwear that’s available these days, it feels like we are going backwards on boots. Velcro! Please! Jeebus! Going to REI (again). The Pensioner, after scouting REI, thinks I have a 30% chance of finding something I like. I’m gonna guess it’s more like 10%. Wish me luck.

2 Responses to “PV”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Good luck at REI! (local company and Alison loves them!) It isn’t very warm here, although our snow/ice issues have been minimal so far, unless one is heading over one of the mountain passes. Then it’s chains all the way!

  2. Pooh Says:

    Something in your diatribe about boot laces, reminded me of a ski poster from back in the day. It showed a peasant woman on skis, wearing galoshes on her feet.
    “Look at me! I have new, fancy buckle boots for to ski!”