There’s been a huge shock! *Dogberry* doesn’t know his lines!

You have to say that *very* dramatically. Stagger just a bit and be sure to use a British accent.

It’s finals week here at the community college and people are pretty stressssssssed out. The website my group is creating in Web Design Practicum has what seems like about a million little picky bugs and people are feeling overwhelmed by that. “How are we gonna fix that?” “We’ll never get this done!”

Ho hum. Well, maybe not exactly ho hum. There *are* a lot of pickly picky little bugs to fix on our website and guess what? We need to fix them. And we won’t even talk about my loverly on-line banking application. But really, compared to the total, absolute, utter chaos that the YAG folks are undoubtedly going through down at the Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre this week, this is nothing!

It is hell tech week at the Mendelssohn. I am not involved with this play but I have lived through a whole heckuva lot of hell tech weeks at the Mendelssohn. And other venues. The Mendelssohn has no monopoly on stressssssful hell tech weeks! Kids that don’t know their lines. Parents freaking out because the rehearsals are running past 10 PM. Scenery snafus, wardrobe malfunctions, fistfights in the green room (that only happened once, with a pair of identical twins), fire alarms going off. People running all over the place panicking about lost props. Crying and vomiting and you name it.

Folks, we are working on a *website*! It is a *working* website, no less. It looks good. You can navigate from page to page. It has some glitches. Individually they are not hard to fix. There are five of us and one measly little website. Stay calm and we will systematically go in there and pick at all the little buggly-uglies until they are fixed. Pick. Pick. Pick. All of them. This is not something to get all stresssssssed out about. Breathe.

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