Word salad, scrambled eggs, and a slam-dunk (or not)

cartThis poor little Plum Market cart represents just about exactly how I felt about life this morning. I’m not sure how you get a shopping cart out of a skateboard pit (or whatever you call it). I’m pretty sure that if I tried to retrieve it (by sliding down there on my duff, I guess?), I would not be able to get out without a strong rope or a call to 9-1-1. I’m sure 9-1-1 would loooooove to use taxpayer dollars to get a baggy old kayak woman out of a skateboard pit. I wonder if the cart is still there. Under the snow.

At any rate, I had to draaaaaag myself outta the rack this morning. And then the walking was absolute hell on earth. Long expanses of dry(?) pavement interspersed with big swaths of glare ice, punctuated by piles of rock-hard snow to climb over at the intersections. I can deal with snow and ice but I prefer to wait until after the holiday season. It only annoys me at this time of year. I am busy at work and so far I have done only a measly half-hearted attempt at xmas shopping. I need to be able to get oot and aboot without worrying about road conditions, etc. To add insult to injury, I piloted the Frog Hopper onto the I94 18-Wheel Slogway this afternoon and when I got up to about 60 (which took me longer than I wanted to because a SEMI was in the right lane PREVENTING me from MERGING), the FH started to vibrate like crazy. I suspected the issue was related to ice build-up but I still bailed off the Slogway a mile down the road and took the surface streets the rest of the way.

I won’t try too hard to explain the whole word salad / scrambled eggs thing. Scrambled eggs is what Louie-Louiiiii used to call some of the tangled up stuff that we do at work that I have to describe. Word salad is what I recently wrote in an attempt to describe some of that scrambled egg stuff and am now re-writing because I wrote the stuff and I can’t even track what I said 🐗. Oh yeah, slam-dunk. A prodject that got dumped on me six months ago or so was predicted to be a slam-dunk by the Benevolent Despot. Not. I now call it the slam-dunk prodject that’s been slam-dunking the baggy old systems analyst for the last six months and “slam-dunk” is making it into our workplace lexicon for better or worse. Because nothing we do is ever a slam-dunk. (Did I write about this before? If so, I’m sorry.)

A silver lining? I had lost track of exactly how much paid-time-off I have left for this year. Sick time carries over but vacay does not and you would not believe how hard it is with the tools we have to figure out how much time you have left. Scrambled eggs. But I had a pretty good idea and I persevered today, calling in Building Mom to look through her records at one point. The good news? I have 5.5 DAYS of vacay left! Use or lose! I had figured it was about that much. I had planned to take a long weekend earlier in the fall but it never panned out and now I HAVE SOME TIME! I am plotting and planning about what I will do with that somewhat unexpected luxury.

Oh, and the full moon? After several days of not being able to see anything besides clouds or snow, I was walking through the woods after work today and I looked to the east and MOON! Onward and upward but with fingers crossed.

One Response to “Word salad, scrambled eggs, and a slam-dunk (or not)”

  1. Tonya Says:

    I think of how many times (in various jobs) I had vacation time that I would lose if I didn’t take it, but I COULDN’T TAKE IT because of workload or deadlines with nobody to back me up if I took the time off. I’m still bitter about that. Time away from the rat-race is vital.