Oh…. Mr. Sun. Sun. Mr. Golden Sun. Please shine down on meeeee.

cubelandiasun“My name is Mr. Golden Sun and I belong up behind that cloud.” Man oh man, did we need the sun around here. It hasn’t really been all that long since we’ve seen Mr. Golden Sun. He was out in pretty full force just last Saturday. But snow clouds were gathering and a half hour north of here, whiteout conditions led to a big 40-vee-hickle pile-up. It was the second such event in a couple of days and C-fam relatives who were traveling north were diverted off the road, etc. Yooperland FB friends of mine were kvetching about all of us trolls that can’t handle winter driving.

My friends, winter Yooperland driving and winter Trollandia driving are [usually] two different aminals. Yes, there is [usually] more snow in the Yooperland. But there are fewer automotive vee-hickles. Maybe even exponentially fewer (not sure about that grammar but neither The Commander nor Mrs. Pratt are here to correct me so, oh well, oops, I forgot about Mouse, who is certainly still around). What we have down here are a lot of freeways, a lot of Big Trucks, drivers of widely varying abilities whatever the snow conditions are, and huge huge volumes of traffic. Many of our freeways are old (think WWII and tight cloverleaf interchanges) and not built for modern volumes of traffic. Plus, if you are driving along on dry pavement with nothing coming out of the sky and you are suddenly hit by snow with whiteout conditions, chaos ensues. The last time this happened to *me* was last *May* (May!) when I was driving through Gaylord on the way back to Southeast Trollandia after opening up the *seasonal* family cabin. “Seasonal” means it is only habitable in the warmer months of the year, when the pipes are not in danger of freezing. Just to attempt to placate various members of the fambly, it *was* okay to open the cabin that weekend. It did get cold but not cold enough for long enough to make the pipes freeze. Please stay calm…

We aren’t starting off the winter season very well this year, what with the snow squall type weather. That kind of weather may cause more mayhem on a crowded freeway than it does in the Yooperland, where there is only 50 miles of freeway that I know of and it is lightly traveled. But it can cause problems. Like the time The Commander drove from her home down to the public library — a half mile drive at best — in bright sunshine with dry roads. By the time she began her drive home, blizzard conditions hit suddenly and she bumped into another vee-hickle because she couldn’t see a stop sign and couldn’t remember if there was a stop sign at that small intersection or not. I do not think it was anything major (she didn’t get a ticket) but I don’t really know the details because she didn’t tell me about it… … … (And she’ll have fun fun fun ’til her daughter takes the Taurus away-i-away.) Sorry moom. I do love you. I’m glad you were so damn feisty!

Anyway, Mr. Golden Sun was out in full force this morning but it was frickin’ cold! It was hovering at around 11 or so when I took this pic and I took it out the Frog Hopper’s veeeendshieeeeld so you might guess how high that plowed-up snowbank is. Just last Friday, I could park my vee-hickle in my regular parking spot and walk across the grass to look at whatever was in the pond that morning. Not today. This afternoon? It is a lot warmer, temperature-wise, but the wind is bitterly cold. We’re going down the escalator tonight. I will deal with it in the morning. I know how to bundle up and I will walk.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    We don’t have the snow, but we sure had the cold this morning; it was in the teens also (which we are NOT used to at all)