Business rules: 1) I have a Santa collection. 2) I am not collecting Santas. 3) Do not buy me Santas..

santacollectionWoops. I’m not really gonna write about “my” Santa collection today. I am gonna write about what’s been going on in the Yooperland the last couple days. Can you guess? If you guessed SNOW, you would be right.

I have no clue what the storm total was. Some of the predictions I saw were for 18 inches. That’s kind of a lot but it is nowhere near the 5-6 FEET of snow that fell in two days back in 1995 (I think).

Nowadays, I know about that snow stuff. I am on facebook with numerous friends and relatives who live in the Sault Ste. Siberia area and they have posted many pics of what happened up there the last couple of days. Huge whiteouts everywhere and a snowplow that rolled over in a ditch (driver was okay!) and many many many warnings for people to stay off the dern roads. Easterday hill closed. The Commander once slid down that hill and through the stoplight at the bottom. She and her Taurus were okay and she didn’t tell me about that incident either. Love you Moom.

Back in 1995, it was dry as all getout down here and I didn’t have a clue that Sault Ste. Siberia had received five/six feet of snow in two days. I only knew about the snow because I walked Mouse to school over at Haisley and Mr K of Multiplication Blues asked me if I knew what was going on up north. I didn’t. I tried to call The Commander but I couldn’t because her phone wasn’t working. That wasn’t because of the storm. That dern phone never worked all that well. It turned out that my mother waded through big waist-deep snow to the next-door neighbors to use their phone. Not to call me, of course. She was battling with the phone company. She got on the phone with someone in Detroit and that person tried to tell her that someone had already taken care of it. The Comm said something like, “Oh no they haven’t!” It wasn’t until the National Guard got into town that things got all straightened out.

We got a lot of snow down here in Southeast Trollandia on Sunday. I bagged the drive to work on Monday but I have been schepping over there since then with the Fog Hopper. There was a bit of a dusting this morning that flummoxed a lot of would-be road warriors into spinning out and snarling traffic. The Frog Hopper has AWD and I was fairly confident but VERY cautious. What’s under that sneaky little layer of snow at any given point? Most other folks (except for a certain tailgater) were traveling slowly too.

Again, Chippewa County? Up in the Yooperland? Jeebus! Whiteout conditions? A SNOWPLOW flipped over into a ditch on M129? A snowplow! A woman who was following the the snowplow stopped to check on the driver and if I understand it all correctly, both drivers were surprised that they were on the wrong side of the road.

I’m just hoping that all of my friends and relatives up in Chippewa County are doing okay. Love you all <3

2 Responses to “Business rules: 1) I have a Santa collection. 2) I am not collecting Santas. 3) Do not buy me Santas..”

  1. jan miller Says:

    We are fine, just stayed home! I went in to work today instead of yesterday.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Our winter has been cold (for us!) and a bit nasty. I’m not excited for January when we normally get most of our snow. 🙁