tree1Lemme see… “Pink is the New Black” or maybe “Real Women Trees Wear Skirts”.

This didn’t qualify as the slodgiest day ever at work but it had its moments. For one thing, almost NO ONE was there! FZ was over the wall from me in the morning and Wdong was there to represent the dev team. W1.5 came in later than usual and the Tall Boss was around for a while. And Mr.Luv but he was intent on various builds and patches and I dunno what. KennyP was a little freaked out when she got in this morning and I was the only person around. I didn’t tell her this but I welcomed her bustling force-of-nature presence even though I have been at that place many times before when almost no one was there. It’s just how it gets sometimes, especially during the winter holiday season when there is snow in the forecast.

I forgot about shopping malls! It has been so long since I’ve been at Briarwood except for those dreaded trips to the Apple Store to get yelled at by the geniuses because my keyboard / touchpad are gummed up by blood, sweat, and tears. If you are making LAPTOP COMPUTERS, you need to make them impermeable to water and icky crapola. PEOPLE TAKE THESE THINGS TO COFFEE SHOPS (or station them in their chitchens), FER KEE-REIST! Things happen. Anyway, I didn’t go to Briarwood today. My goal was to go past it to take a quick walk-about at Cost Plus World Warehouse. Many years ago I used to get sarongs and all kinds of trinkety-type stuff for the beach urchins to open in their xmas stockings, etc. I even remember being in there with MY PARENTS! The Commander LOVED shopping! Alas, I knew that I would not find anything worth buying there today (and I didn’t) but I needed to get outta dodge for a bit so I drove over there. Man oh man, what the heck is this traffic jam? Well. It was vee-hickles lining up to make the left turn into Briarwood Mall. What is there to buy at the mall? I do not know. I do not even know which stores are there anymore. Except for the Apple Store. And Macys, which I used to actually shop at when it was good old J. L. Hudson. Sigh. Now I buy 99% of my clothing on the internet, including a #redplaidnation “pencil” skirt that arrived today. Yay!

tree2Anyway, W1.5 and I both bagged it a bit early and then I did a few faaardrills at home before hoofing it down to the Oscar Tango for dinner. I was out the door and over at the schoolyard when I realized I was not feeling as bundled up as I needed to be because I WAS NOT WEARING A SCARF. Not a good thing. So back home where I COULD NOT GET DISCO LOCK TO COOPERATE WITH MY PHONE! Not off to a good start.

Fortunately things improved significantly. As you can see, our xmas tree is finally up and has lights on it. The first pic shows that I can see it from the Landfill Chitchen with a gratuitous shot of the GG, who is actually posing. Before our 2014 chitchen renovation, I had to walk into the back room to see the tree. The refrigerator was where that big window-type opening is now and it had a wall behind it. Now I can cook or blahg or wash dishes or whatever and see the tree whenever I want. Unfortunately I can also see whatever kind of financial crapola or whatever is sitting on the shelf there.

What I didn’t realize at first was that about the bottom third of the tree is strung with PINK lights! I was kind of going WHAAAA? at first but then I realized that our tree was wearing a SKIRT! Just like a Real Woman (just kidding).

I dunno. There is always something DIFFERENT going on around here. The level of significance may vary. Oh, and I have had almost nothing to do with the tree this year (so far). I held it upright while the GG screwed it into the stand. He has done the rest. I suppose I will hang some ornaments before it’s all over.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Nice tree and view. Mine is tiny compared to that!