Pink (or Blue)

bluegloveIn my circle of life, we are currently at the absolute tip-top (sorta because my circle of life is a kind of a squashed ellipse, not a circle) even though today is the darkest day of the year. I have to say that this particular winter solstice was very dark indeed. Mr. Golden Sun did not make even one single appearance. Unless you count the pink I saw to the west as I was driving home from work on the I94 18-Wheel Slogway. The sun had officially set by that time and I couldn’t have gotten a pic if I had tried so you’ll have to take my word for it.

You would think, since I do not have to work again until January 3, that I would’ve been whooping it up as soon as I got out the door today. Strangely enough, I wasn’t. There was no faaaar drill involved in getting out the door today. Very few people were at work. The Benevolent Despot was talking to me about the visual basic stuff he was coding. Visual Basic? What? He rarely has time to do any kind of nitty-gritty stuff any more and he was having a great time. The BD is a rabbi so he doesn’t do xmas (although he always provides a holiday celebration for us) and therefore always loves to hang out during the xmas holidays because he can get things done without anyone bothering him. Once, many years ago, I dragged myself into work during that period of time because I had Cabin Fever working from home. He saw me there and said, “Look at what the cat dragged in.” Yes.

At a meeting today, a colleague was talking about leaving early to help with a holiday party for her 3rd grade daughter and how this daughter was *already* getting embarrassed by having her parents there wearing weird light-up holiday sweaters and reindeer antlers, like my colleague was going to wear today. My memory dredged up a time about a beach urchin who began kindergarten at the ripe old age of four. Yes, she was ready for K. I was walking her to school one morning and I picked up my teensy-tinesy little girlie and hugged her and gave her a kiss. And… This very small child stage-whispered to me, “Mom, you really shouldn’t do that so close to the school.” Yes. She still liked to be picked up and cuddled, etc., (I think) but she knew it wasn’t the best thing when you were at school. This kid had all of that stuff figgered out early. She was Switzerland then and she is Switzerland now. Love.

The blue glove? Just the GG being funny. It has something to do with his recent hand surgery but I’m not sure what.

3 Responses to “Pink (or Blue)”

  1. Pooh Says:

    One of my boys was in kindergarten, and I dropped him off, and gave him a kiss on the forehead as always. That night he told me that another boy, let’s call him Tommy, made fun of me kissing him. So the next day, I dropped my boy off, kissed him on the forehead, then turned around and kissed Tommy on the forehead too. I thought Kindergarten was way too early for that. (We did make up a secret hand-shake after that, to signify “I love you”, without being so kissy-face.)

  2. isa Says:

    Hi mom I love you!

  3. Margaret Says:

    Neither one of my kids was fond of PDA with the parents although they tolerated it for the most part. 🙂 Yay for vacation! (although I get at loose ends and sometimes wonder how I’ll do in retirement!)