Sincerely, Mrs. Grinch.

truckActually, that is only the ending part of the quote. The entire quote is:

‘The xmas tree can come in the house when the broken old chair from the shed at Houghton Lake leaves.’ – Kayak Woman, December 2012.

I vaguely remember something about having an old chair around a few years ago. It seems to be gone now. This is not an unusual circumstance around The Landfill. There was a looooong period of time during which I swear that duct-taped easy chairs sprouted and grew to maturity in the Landfill Dungeon. And I have a vague memory of the Gumper (my beloved f-i-l) offering us some sort of Lazy-Boy chair. My response was something like, “How many old duct-taped chairs are we gonna get rid of?”

By the way, I am not dissing the GG’s fambly at all here. He has a large fambly and some people save stuff (sometimes to an extreme) and some people do not. I have a large fambly too (although I am counting my beloved cuzzints — Fin and Mac — because I have no living siblings) and some people save stuff (sometimes to an extreme) and some people do not. Like most folks in both families, we are somewhere in the middle. We saved stuff for quite a long time. And now we don’t. Mostly. It’s okay to save some things and we do. But we have been off-and-on flinging for years now. We have more to do but at least we don’t have old duct-tape chairs growing in the Landfill Dungeon any more. I don’t think.

The printer? The extra printer that has been hanging out in the front room for weeks now? I want it outta here. It is an Epson something or other. It works! I don’t think it has up-to-date ink cartridges. Does anyone want it?

Sincerely, Mrs. Grinch.

2 Responses to “Sincerely, Mrs. Grinch.”

  1. Jay Says:

    I just parted ways with my black and white TV bought in 1978.
    It still worked, but just wasn’t used anymore.

  2. Margaret Says:

    It’s hard to get rid of things that still work or that we are sort of attached to. It’s been terrible to divest myself of any of Patt’s stuff, but I’ve had to, especially the tools. I would never be able to use them!