weaksunFirst, I had to go to a bank today. I have not been inside a bank in a while, maybe not since they were closing the PNC up in Sault Ste. Siberia and I met up with Kathy over there so she could give me a bunch of pics of my grandfather that were hanging around in the basement.

I walked over to the bank and as I approached the door, I read a notice that asked people to remove hats and hoods, etc., before entering the bank. I knew that the people at the bank would probably understand that someone like meeeee was wearing a balaclava and sparkly bomber hat because it was COLD and not because terrorist but I took the sign seriously and made a minor show of removing all of that crap in the foyer, shaking out my gray-blonde beautifully cut WASP-y type hair. Man oh man, did those folks greet me with great cheer. Actually, I was the only customer in the bank. I’m thinking that’s in part because of online banking…

From there, I hit up my fave grokkery store for a duck. Every time I have been over there in the last week, I have checked to make sure they have ducks. They always have but I haven’t been ready to buy one. Until today. I made a special trip over there to buy a duck and… No ducks… Don’t worry, I got one at Kroger.

I greatly regret scaring the heck out of a woman who thought she came close to hitting me as I was walking downtown in the dark in the late afternoon. She didn’t come close to hitting me and if I had thought she might have, I’d’ve dived into the adjacent snowbank. She did nothing wrong. I shouldda been on the sidewalk. I hope she had a good evening.

And then we got porterized Planet Ann Arbor style, meaning we visited their beautiful home, a mile or so from ours. And it’s late and I’m taaaarrrred, and g’night!

2 Responses to “Scarification”

  1. l4827 Says:

    Christmas tree liked having the company. 🙂

  2. Margaret Says:

    I always go in the bank. I know most of the tellers and they know me. There is one who was widowed not too long before I was, except that her husband was 10 years younger and she had a 5 year old to rear by herself. We like to make sure we’re both doing OK and moving forward. 🙂