In which my camera (once again) sees what I don’t

frogfishOh, what a neat looking fishy. I’ll just get a pic of it. Maybe I’ll feel like posting it somewhere on them thar tubes (or maybe not). And then, as I was getting in there to get the shot… There was a FROG in the frame. A WHITE FROG. I put it on Instagram. Sometimes I put pics on both Instagram and facebook because some of my friends are on one but not the other. This one didn’t seem quiiiiite face-bookable. I figured a small subset of my fb friends might “get it”. A lot of others might be wondering whaaaaaat is that goofy kayak woman posting now? That is, if anyone saw it at all, slipped in there amidst all of the xmas wish memes and [alas, still] polly-tickle crap. Just show me what you’re having for lunch, please.

So this fishy (and froog) are down in the Kerrytown Shops, which are adjacent to the Farmers Market. It is not one of Victoria’s special Protective Fish. Instead, it seems to be a piece of artwork associated with Monahan’s Seafood. I’m not sure if they hung it underneath that frog on purpose or what. We did check out Victoria’s wares today. She began many years ago by making Santa-type figures out of random pieces of wood. They are GORGEOUS but I was young and poor then and couldn’t afford to buy her stuff. At some point, she started making her Protective Fish and we have outfitted the moomincabin and Houghton Lake Group Home with a couple of protective fish each. She only had a couple of Protective Fish today because at this time of year she gets overwhelmed by orders for Santas. She sounds like she is itching to get back into making Protective Fish but that probably won’t happen until after the new year.

We are in the market for a muskellunge and I told Victoria [probably for about the umpteenth time ;-)] my Muskellunge Story. So back in the day, when the beach urchins were young teenagers, think middle school/early high school, all four of them were up at the moomincabin with me and we were all sleeping upstairs and they were giggling up a storm and I wanted to go to sleep. I didn’t what want to just tell them to SHUT THE F UP in a mean kind of way, so finally I said, “If you girls don’t stop giggling, I am gonna throw fling a muskellunge at you.” SILENCE! For about two seconds. They were processing. What the heck is a muskellunge? So, pause. And then, hahahahahahahaha! But then they sort of settled down and went to sleep. I miss those days.

So, walking down to the market today was nasty, even with Yax on, but the market was festive if not crowded with merchants. My main mission was lettuce and I couldn’t get that but I did get some onions and we had our usual coffee from Roos Roast and then we talked to Victoria and ran into some old Roos / Argus friends who have moved to Wisconsin up on the shores of Lake Superior. I should clarify that they are *old friends* but they are *young people*.

The rest of the day? I dunno. Meijer, two trips to Plum, one with the FROG HOPPER! I had a hard time talking myself into not walking because that’s what I *do*. Lunch at the Griz with the GG and Lizard Breath. And then I got dinner prepped and went to sit in my fave spot by the front window where I eventually nodded off a bit. I startled awake when I felt my laptop slipping out of my hands and off my, uh, lap. No… If you know me, you know that I rarely nod off in the afternoon, the sole exception being on sunny, windy days lying on a towel at the moominbeach.

Where was I?

2 Responses to “In which my camera (once again) sees what I don’t”

  1. Sam Says:

    Took me a second glance to recognize the white frooog, then I giggled (inside). Great pic.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I didn’t wish anyone a Merry Christmas on my FB, which means (I guess) I’m a Grinch. However, I did post lots of pictures of what we were doing/eating. 🙂