Blue undies on a pink Christmas

pinkI won’t show you the blue undies. It was a laundry error 🐽.

I awoke with more trepidation this xmas morning than usual. I always fret more than I need to about gifts. Do I have an equal number of gifts for each child? This got complicated enough when my children were *children*, now it’s even more difficult because… 1) the Amazon Women my little beach urchins have turned into have more belongings than they can deal with and are downsizing just like we are and 2) their interests are different, in other words, I can’t just buy two of everything for them, although I do sometimes give them a few identical gifts.

Today? I couldn’t even remember what I had bought for anyone. I’ve been ordering stuff online for months now, wrapping it up and putting it in grocery bags down in the Landfill Dungeon. And forgetting what I ordered? Manatee teacup thingy? I bought those? Well, yes, because we love manatees! It didn’t seem like I had “enough” presents for them to open but the GG had also done some shopping and, in the end, it all worked out pretty well.

And then there’s the GG. What did he want for xmas? A generator. Yes, a generator. He had one all picked out. I said, “Why the heck can’t we just go out and BUY A GENERATOR???” No, he wanted ME to go and get it and “surprise” him on xmas morning. Eventually I steeled myself for a trip out to Weingartz, the generator store. OF COURSE, it turned out to be a fun expotition and the sales guy was an absolute hoot. And then, the generator was something like 50 pounds and we put it in the back of the Frog Hopper and there it stayed until this morning, when the GG went out to get it. I could’ve probably wrangled it into the Landfill but I was done.

Not a bad day but quite slodgy without any hint of Mr. Golden Sun’s existence. The presence of the blow-gun got a wee bit tiring by the end of the day too. Since I’m so taaaared my head is about to fall down on my keyboard, good night and typos be damned.

One Response to “Blue undies on a pink Christmas”

  1. Margaret Says:

    The girls and I didn’t do gifts this year; we’re talking about doing a Secret Santa next year although with three of it, it doesn’t seem like it would work too well. I hate the gift gifting and was happy not to do it this year.