A man and his generator? Or… If it fits, I sitz? Your choice


Yes, this is what a basic generator looks like. It is not large. It is not a whole-house (or boat) generator. It provides just enough power to run the blower motor on the Landfill furnace and possibly the refrigerator and maybe the stove. I fergit. The reason for purchasing this item is that our neighborhood, after many many many years of stable lucky-shuckial power has experienced many power outages in the last year. We can cope with those easily in warm temperatures but we need to have heat when it gets cold. We always have hot water in power failures, so that is not an issue. If it was, I would be the first to bail out to Weber’s Inn or wherever but we can deal with lack of power up to a point. So now we can run the furnace and maybe a couple other things. I still can’t figger why this had to be a Christmas gift but I had so much fun buying it that I don’t care.

The GG got his generator as a gift and because “I” spent all of that money on a generator, he thought that I needed another BIG GIFT. I didn’t really but did I want another Z-chair? (Google it.) Yes! He bought me one for my birthday last January and well, yes, I love the Z-chair and I want another one. Mid-century modern? And so, last week, the day that the Z-chair was supposed to be delivered, I was walking home from the Plum Market and the delivery truck trundled up the street and I texted the GG that I thought our new chair was arriving. I got there just as the truck did and the GG said, “go drive around the neighborhood for a few minutes.” I did and when I got back, the truck was gone and the Z-chair was stashed in the “extra bedroom”. I was not allowed to go in there but I keep Roooomba in there so I had to ask the GG to get her out when I needed her.


So here is our new Z-chair’s box and the GG is having a beer and cookie in there. He took a nap after that.

I watched the sky for a while this evening. It has been warm but rainy all day here. I’ll take rain over snow, mostly because I want my beloved friends and relatives to be safe driving. I think it was something like 6:04 PM when I last saw light in the western sky today even though it had set almost an hour ago. The sun is traveling back up to the north country and in a few weeks we will be seeing that entity’s increasing presence.

One Response to “A man and his generator? Or… If it fits, I sitz? Your choice”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I LOVE the photo of the GG in the box! Made me laugh. 🙂 I will have to look up Z chair, no idea. I probably should have a generator here (used to), but I would feel uncomfortable running it, and I very rarely lose power.