Industrial tourism

patternsI wanted to go for a ride this morning. I was kind of anticipating the usual kind of ride that we take out into the country but it turned out that the GG had anticipated *meeeee* and had a different kind of plan in mind. “Do you want to take an industrial ride?” After a split second of something like “Whaaaaa?” I said, “Sure.” And off we went EAST for a change to check out some DayTwa suburbs that we don’t normally spend a lot of time in. River Rouge, for the most part.

The pic is from the outskirts of the Marathon Refinery (I *think* it’s in River Rouge) and I was struck by the juxtaposition of Ma Nature’s version of order and symmetry (trees) and mankind’s version of the same (towers), all in a kind of wiry format. It was another ugly gray kind of day, hovering around 30 but with a penetratingly cold wind. Somehow, this little day trip seemed like the right kind of thing to do.

Back to the planet in the early afternoon and I was reading my latest book The Nex Nix. I am enjoying this book greatly and I was greatly entertained to spot an anachronism. When you are taking a home-ec class in 1968 and somebody burns a pan down to the point where it melts onto the stove, it doesn’t set off a smoke alarm. We didn’t have smoke alarms in the schools in 1968. There were fire alarms stationed around the school but a person had to *pull* those. I could also say that the home-ec classes I took didn’t resemble anything in the book (think crappy, green scrambled eggs) but the description of that class and what happened in it was integral to the story and I am loving the book immensely so I am totally happy to excuse the anachronism.

Other than that? It is late and I am taaaared and so g’night.

2 Responses to “Industrial tourism”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Cool photo of the trees and the towers. I remember being in home ec in high school. I got some great recipes out of the class, although developed no talent for cooking. (or sewing)

  2. Mouse Says:

    *he Nix