If it’s winter in Michigan, it must be gray

cfamhlI’m feeling like my pictures are getting to be very similar these days. Black and white. Yesterday? Beautiful trees / power lines, etc., at the Marathon Refinery downriver from Detroit. Today? Beautiful trees (no power lines) here at the CFam Group Home at Houghton Lake.

It is not all that cold here at Houghton Lake but the wind was biting when I took a walk down to the end of the point and back this afternoon and I put a pair of leggings on in between my tights and long wool skirt. The GG took a bit of a different walk back into the swamp and managed to break through the ice back there. The water is only about knee deep back there and there are trees everywhere so he was able to drag himself back up onto the ice without a problem. I wish I had a pic of his wet pants that but I was more concerned that he get those wet pants into the dryer here. We have a real dryer here these days. Back in the moldy old cabin days (which I remember fondly but have moved on), if you had wet clothing (and we did sometimes), you hung your clothing up in just a certain place to dry (and it did).

So, we drove up here today and apparently the UU and TBG are “in town”. I puzzled over that for a while but I think it means that they are in their luxurious home in Gaylord and I am thinking we will take them out for dinner tomorrow night. Gaylord is close enough to Houghton Lake to be “in town”.

I so love having relatives up and down the I75 SUV Speedway between the Planet Ann Arbor and the Cfam cabin and the moomincabin. Love you all.

One Response to “If it’s winter in Michigan, it must be gray”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It sounds like you’ll have a great time on vacation up there!