I try to throw my nose up in the air when it comes to memes and reposting them. Note that it isn’t hard to throw my nose up in the air because I have an upturned nose to start with. A very small one. No rhinoplasty needed. But memes. I can’t remember how many facebook friends I have but I doubt it is more than 200. I have only hidden posts from a few. If you are reading this, you are NOT one of those few. But I get tired of memes, not to mention reposts/shares in general. Okay, a celebrity dies and you immediately share the news. Do you not think that a whole bunch of other people have also posted this news? Not to mention that it is on the, uh, news media? Whatever the news media is these days…

Quizzes? I occasionally indulge in those. I cleaned up my laptop’s desktop icons today and deleted all of the quiz results I have saved via screenshot over the last few years. My metal is gold. I look Japanese. REALLY? But… Looking Japanese was my goal as a young child, REALLY! But I don’t look any kind of Asian except for what my dad used to affectionately (but not politically correctly) call my kind of slanted eyes “Chinee eyes”. Of course, the aminal I look like is a wolf (ooooh, I kinda like that). I am a clarinet (NOT NOT NOT but I think the quiz was written by a 14-year-old and NOTHING against clarinets or their players, Benny Goodman anyone?). I would totally survive a zombie attack. That zombie quiz absolutely cracked me up. When they asked how long a person could go without a shower, my answer was I take two showers a day (even though I don’t usually but I don’t like to be “unclean”). The quiz result said something about how I lived my life on my own terms and I definitely do that. Of course, I also work for the Benevolent Despot, who is a zombie slayer in his spare time (when he isn’t doing rabbinical stuff), so maybe I have learned a few tricks from him?

So I did this Instagram thing about best nine photos from 2016 and I actually like the result. My Santa collection and the Grand Traverse County Courthouse and a few yooper pics and milkweed from around where I work, and a whole bunch of birdies on an Ann Arbor freeway sign and a frog/fish pic and I cannot remember where I took the horse photo. Oh! Probably the Green Dot! Yay!

I guess we have the Rose Bowl on TV now but none of the home teams are in it this year so I think we are kind of indifferent. I have not driven my loverly old Ninja in a few weeks but it is full of gas and I will drive it to work tomorrow morning, after something like 10 days off. Hi Ho, hi ho, it’s off to work I go!!!! I wonder what I do for a living… But I will figure it out 🐸

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Glad USC won! West Coast team. 🙂 I do many personality quizzes but rarely share the results. The latest VERY ANNOYING FB fad is a PM with some kind of chain mail or fireworks. I won’t pass any of them on or even acknowledge them, but I find myself respecting those who send them to me less. My bad.