Hi. Ho. And please check my taaaaars…

This pic is not from today. It is from Sunday. New Years Day. Gorgeous weather for New Years Day, the kind of weather that makes one feel optimistic even if they are still reeling from, well, you know what. Or maybe you don’t know. Or don’t care. And the rest is all polly-ticks and I’m not interested in going in that direction on my blahg tonight, only partly because I am still watching in horror and trying to process what the hell is going on.

This is not what the weather was today. Today was one of those early January days when the streetlights do not turn off until something like 9:00 AM. Dark dark dark and ugly. At my work, I tried to find my footing. What was I doing before I was off for ten days? I settled in pretty quickly though and after a much-needed meeting with my supervisor and the other person on our very small team, I was happy to be tasked to spend the rest of the week cleaning up ancillary documents, spreadsheets and things. It’s busy work in a way but there is a huge digital archaeological component to it too. It’s work that has to be done and until we all get our gears going, it will do.

Check my taaaars? The Ninja has been in the driveway for I’m not sure how many days. When I moved cars yesterday so the Ninja would be where I could drive it to work today, everything was okay but the taaaarrrs were kind of stuck to whatever little bits of ice were left under where it has been parked. I drove it today on dry roads without incident but I wanted the GG to double-check the taaaars because I know that when the temperature drops, the taaaaarr light sometimes comes on. The GG is going north and I am not and I just wanted to know that my Ninja’s taaar light wouldn’t come on in the next few days. I dunno. I love love love the Ninja but I am kind of thinking of what my next new vee-hickle might be. We’ll see…

One Response to “Hi. Ho. And please check my taaaaars…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Let me know what you find out about vehicles. I will eventually need to replace my 2002 Chevy Trailblazer.