I think I warmed up at about 2 PM today…

…but that was because I went to a [boring] meeting in a warm room and could not keep my eyes open. I hope nobody noticed the time (or was it two times (or three)) that my head started to nod toward my keyboard and I jerked myself up just in time. I tried to cover this by grabbing my phone to check for text messages. I’m not sure that worked but nobody said anything.

If you live in the Great Lake State, you can get a whole string of “unseasonably warm” days in the winter. I think we used to call it the January Thaw when I was a kid in the Yooperland. Those warm days lull you into a fantasy that winter isn’t really all that bad and then, whomp!, Old Man Winter reminds you that THIS IS MICHIGAN AND IT’S WINTER! I woke up at around that Batscope Hour and became aware that there was a wind out there. 0-skunk-30 walk? I was warm for that but I was bundled up. Work? I was bundled up but it was in a sorta bizcaz way. The Ninja warmed up nicely on my way to work but I didn’t recover from my short walk across the parking lot for hours.

Snow? We did not get all that much snow today. (I believe there is much more in the Great White North but I’m almost afraid to look.) Squalls here, increasing in intensity right around the evening commute. Choosing my route home this afternoon, I dithered and dathered. Freeway or not? In the end I chose the freeway. It was fine until I saw brake lights. UBER SNOW SQUALL but fortunately I was just over a mile from my exit and the road was still relatively dry. Can I make it to Jackson Road? Yes, I can make it. And so I am home and for whatever reason, Disco Lock let me in on the first touch today. I was ecstatic because I did NOT want to stand out on the porch fighting with Disco Lock forever. Not today. Not in that frickin’ wind. I did not take my normal Sunset Mini-Walk over to the woods this afternoon. I am sorry. Just wanna be inside.

2 Responses to “I think I warmed up at about 2 PM today…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Cold and wind here too–take your weather back, please. I don’t have the clothes for it!! 🙂

  2. jane Says:

    yeah – that wind was f-ing COLD yesterday. not sure if today is much warmer. I think the wind is a *touch* less severe today.