BDay celebrations

I am not the best at remembering when people’s birthdays are but I always manage to remember my friend Diane’s birthday because it is the same day as The Commander’s (and Richard Nixon’s). So here is an old pic of The Commander and her kids. The girl with the blonde hair and the kind of rabbity-looking face is meeeee at probably about six and the cute li’l guy is The Engineer. The Commander made my outfit and I remember it well.

I have to slip in this pic of Mr. Golden Sun rising behind a cloud bank this morning when I got over to Cubelandia. I did not really expect to see him today at all. The weather forecast is all gloom and doom. Yet, there he was, shining down on across the pond at me. I particularly liked the cloud formations. It was a beautiful drive to work but I didn’t expect to get such a good pic once I got there. I don’t take pics while I’m driving because I focus on DRIVING when I am DRIVING!

Sunset was at 5:21 today but it was pitch black when we arrived at Weber’s Inn to celebrate our friend’s birthday. This was our view while waiting for them to arrive.

We are under a winter weather watch of sorts. It is a typical SE Michigan winter weather watch. Will we get snow or sleet or freezing rain or what? When (exactly) will it happen? If it does happen, the temperatures are supposed to soar into the 40s tomorrow, which will likely mitigate any kind of frozen crap that falls earlier in the day. We parked my Ninja in the street tonight so that I can drive the Frog Hopper to work tomorrow if worse comes to worst. Or I could just do a “late start” and work from home until the worst of it is over. I prefer to drive over to Cubelandia though, so we’ll see…

2 Responses to “BDay celebrations”

  1. l4827 Says:

    Thanx. HB Commander & RMN.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I’ve been happy lately to get any temps in the 40s. What a very chilly winter we’re having. Whenever we complain, we remind ourselves, “At least we’re not in Portland!”